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  • 26/01/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Amazing bathroom crafts and DIYs

    To prevent your soap from sliding over in the sink while you’re washing your hands use some hot glue to make a border for the soap to stay in. This will also prevent it from falling since the hot glue will create some friction.
    You can use a small strainer in the bathroom to catch all the loose hairs and avoid clogging the bathroom drain.
    You can use a zip log back and a clothing hanger to make your own waterproof case for your iPad. This way you can watch TV in the bathroom without all the fuss.
    When you have metallic containers in the bathroom, they tend to rust over time. To prevent that from happening simply coat them with some clear nail polish.
    If you don’t want to get your hair wet and you don’t have a shower cap at hand, simply tie a plastic back around your hair.
    I show you how to repurpose your old shirts, cut them int really little stripes and then make your own fluffy bathroom mat.
    You can make your own lovely bath bomb with activated charcoal to nourish your skin. - Watch until the end to see my secret recipe.

    0:07 - Genius hacks for your bathroom
    1:20 - How to organize your bathroom
    4:16 - How to keep your razors in the shower
    5:01 - How to organize your bathroom cabinets
    6:12 - How to make your own bath bomb
    9:17 - Amazing cleaning hacks
    11:05 - How to repurpose wine corks
    12:12 - How to clean your flat iron

    #bathroom #cleaning #lifehacks
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  • Crystal Larson
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    i saw toilet paper fall down :~)

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    first why the music

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    12:10 what the hickle heck is her thought !

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    I wish I had this kinda money to spend and waste on all that stuff ngl

  • Difernent Aesthetics
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    4:06 and this my friends is called death waiting to happen😔😂

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    When I first hack im just like

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    It is good but if I'm not talking to Gavin if I'm talking to him.

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    0:13de feets😂

  • Rashel Snodgrass
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    ok.... the first one is just nasty and gross

  • scarusona 1234
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    First one how about you font take your phone out while using the bathroom

  • Emily Miller
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    Don’t put a plastic bag over your head kids

  • Luke Boswell
    Luke Boswell 3 दिन पहले

    Btw who takes pictures in the bath!?

  • Steel Laticia
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    I’ll hold my phone because what if you got do do stains

  • Caden Gardiner
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    And yuck! God dang.🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • Caden Gardiner
    Caden Gardiner 4 दिन पहले

    The first one is Nasty but also scary because of the eyeball staring at you but also what an irresponsible thing to share in front of everybody including IN-plus while watching this what the heck is wrong with you??👎😡

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  • keith Brungardt
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    10:35 Omg, you can see the light, her face, and the camera through the button.

  • Justin Grilli
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    3:45 my magazines are not that nasty that’s just gross 🤢

  • asthma boi
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    Me: thinks the eye on the thumbnail is looking (you know) at the human attraction people say in public

  • QandK gang Buie
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    1:02 it was still hair in the drain

  • Kellan Spence
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    There going to make kids suffocate themselves by telling them to put plastic bags over their heads!

  • Fish Boi
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    Can someone tell me why this popped up when I searched for food

  • Skylar Watkins
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    The thumbnail tho

  • Tyler’s Ghost
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    6:55 that water... gross

  • vianca and irvian rempillo and feolino
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    it so very gross

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  • Kayhan Almir
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    I thought 5 minute crafts was for children as well, who knew?

  • Lebron Licea
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    yummy stds for your phone 😘😩🥵😋😚

  • Gamememez
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    0:12 get help

  • Gamememez
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    please stop (im talking about the thumbnail

  • Bradley King
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    you do not deserve a bathroom

  • abcd efgh
    abcd efgh 9 दिन पहले

    The first one is eww, who has ever had that issue?? Oh i have use of my hands, but cba to *hold my phone, or even put it down for a minute*
    And 3:07 ? Gurl just exposedddd

  • Doggo Lover
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    Song what you gonna do with all that cash me gonna waste my time on five minute crafts



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  • ᴇʟᴏʀɪᴄᴀʟ
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    So you really want to put superglue on your sink just because you can’t pick up some soap?

  • Sephrya Caine
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    10:08 I hope that nobody’s toilet looks like that.

  • Nobre Games
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    Why is your water yellow ew🙊😳🤢🤒

  • Jess McCartney
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    11:13 how much did she drink exactly?😂

  • The Dumb Dirty blonde
    The Dumb Dirty blonde 12 दिन पहले

    The first one is absolutely disgusting and unsanitary

  • Gayle Adams
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    I love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gayle Adams
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      I them tooo!!!

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  • Yesenia Ajiteru
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    No Jimmy you can't use the towels I just made them look beautiful.

  • Unstoppable vlogs
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    I can’t tell if there joking no more 😳

  • apple sauce
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    Imagine how good there house must look

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      Ohhhh, I really wanna go there

      Imagine all strange things they must have 😂😂😂

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    Ok but why the first one go an eye look up at her?

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    1:50 I wonder never do that one

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    • Fiona Hopkins
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      Wouldn't * sorry

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      Your last name sounds like my grans is fiona hawkins

  • Bella melody
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    0:43 what if u run out of toothpaste...?

  • Olivia Coleman
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    I love 5 minute craft's and all but who uses thongs as a phone holder i would rather just hold my phone . Like if u agree .. have a wonderful day and week .

  • Mckinly Brown
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    If your phone fall in the tub will u in there u can get electrocuted and u can die

  • Addie Grace
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    All of us:*What is up with the first song?*
    5 Min Crafts song:LeMNe FeEd my MonkEYS OIsTaers FLip Da BiRd on Me Side of the jET

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    I don't fell safe on the bag over head one

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    10:10 jesus christ

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    I always try to one of these to try and sleep at night

  • Hello i'm Kendall!
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  • Sophia Zontini
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