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    "Orange Is the New Black," based on Piper Kerman's experiences in prison, showcases quite a few tricks for female inmates, such as using maxi pads to clean your cell, as makeshift slippers or as a surgical mask.
    Some of the more interesting tricks are beauty-related (and saved, perhaps, for those prison visits): use Kool-Aid as a temporary hair dye or, mixed with Vaseline, as lipstick; coffee as eyeshadow or a face mask; toilet rolls as hair curlers; colored pencils as eyeliner (ouch!).
    According to former inmate experiences, you can make prison toast by wrapping a slice of bread in paper and sticking it on the hot pipes for five minutes. It's also revealed that you can turn toilet paper into an oven of sorts:
    The TP is rolled into a cylinder, folded in at the ends, and lit so it burns from the inside out. That slows it down and intensifies the heat. Inmates hold their undercooked meal above the flame, and voila, you can get it as hot and crispy as you like.
    Make Anything Taste Better
    Speaking of food, clever prison recipes and cooking tricks could probably make up a whole post of its own. When I asked people on Twitter their life hacks learned from jail, many replied with food ones.
    Here are some tips:
    Replace water with apple juice when cooking rice, adds flavor and quick, affordable and easy.
    Make a cake in microwave using crumbled up Oreo cookies and milk using mug or small container.
    You can make Ramen in a plastic bag by filling it with hot water and wrapping it in a towel for a few minutes.
    Ramen Noodle Packs and Mini bags of Cheetos. These are used to make what people called prison burritos. Essentially eat half the bag of Cheetos, crush the rest of them in the bag, add half the Ramen noodle pack and a little hot water to the bag of cheetos, shake it up, fold it over closed. Let it sit for 5-7 minutes. when you rip open the bag you have a little Cheeto-cheesy noodle burrito shaped thing. Folks did this because you don't get bowls in jail. Strangely enough its kinda delicious if Ramen is a part of your life and you need a change of flavors.
    All of these could come in handy for dorm dwellers and those very low in food funds or simply lazy. Enjoy!

    4:26 Perfect oval
    6:07 Toilet rolls as hair curlers
    7:06 Prison dinner
    10:55 Crushed chalk for dull nails
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