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  • 11/05/2019 को प्रकाशित
    Today we share kitchen secrets that everybody who loves cooking should learn. You will find a lot of quick recipes and kitchen tips that will make your life easier. Find out how to choose bell peppers, how to cook sushi at home, how to cook chicken wings.
    One more cool chicken recipe is chicken strips breaded with chips. Cut chicken breast in strips and mix with the sauce you like and bread with chips. Bake and enjoy.
    You can easily make sushi at home. You will need an ice cube tray. Cover it with plastic wrap. Next, cut the avocado in slices and make the first layer, after that add shrimps, fish or any topping you like! Spread rice on top of fish and put into the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Flip tray onto a cutting board and remove plastic wrap. Check out more recipes you can make using an ice cube tray.
    Do you love chicken wings? Find a delicious chicken wings recipe. Mix Cola and onions, leave to marinate for several hours.
    The next collection will surprise you! This collection is about surprising uses of Coke. You can clean greasy stove filter by soaking it in cola; prepare a cake using coke and cake mix; use coke to clean ceramic tile.
    Today you will learn how to choose the best sweet peppers for cooking and for salads. The difference is the next: female bell papers have 4 bumps and are better for eating raw in salads for example as they are sweeter. Male bell peppers have only 3 bumps and it better to use them for cooking.
    Cut avocado tend to oxidize and that’s why you should always cover the cut part with vegetable oil.
    00:09 Chicken strips recipe
    03:28 How to choose bell peppers
    04:36 Homemade sushi
    05:41 Ice cube tray mini pies
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