Class Ki Topper Aur Last Bencher - Amit Bhadana

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  • 24/01/2020 को प्रकाशित
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    Love is blind and it seemed so in case of our protagonist - Amit, a cheerful young lad who falls for the topper of the class- Natasha, despite being a last bencher. Natasha, cautious of Amit's image, wants to keep this relationship a secret and Amit agrees to do so; but one day reality strikes and he gets to see her true colors. His heart shatters into million pieces. Betrayed by the love of his life, Amit is scarred for life but his story doesn't end here. To find out what happens next in this tale of love and deception watch this video.
    Pyaar Dijiyega.
    Facebook: TheAmitBhadana
    Instagram: theamitbhadana
    Twitter: iAmitBhadana
    Directed By : Swapnil Narendra , Amit Bhadana
    Story, Concept & Written By : Amit Bhadana
    Edited By : Tushar Sirohi , Amit Bhadana
    Color Grading : Tushar Sirohi ( DK Films )
    Associate Director: Sagar Mangal
    Assistant Director : Fanush Saini
    D.O.P - Anand Badoniya
    Production - Broduction
    Background Music - Lovepreet Singh
    Makeup - Govind
    Sound Recordist - Francis
    Production Head - Sactik , Shivam Saluja
    Production controller- Sorabh Bhushan, Dhyani
    Line producer - Avdesh
    Spotboy - Vinod, Kishan
    Crowd Coordinator - Rahul Gupta
    Cast -
    Neetu Bisht
    Pooja Bhardawaj
    Adheesh Verma
    Vikas Bainsla
    Avinash Chaudhry
    Sachin Bhati
    Jai Bainsla
    Kuljeet Singh
    Swapnil Narendra
    Pankaj Kasana
    Rahul Bhati
    Baaki Amit Bhadana Aur Saare Pyaare Classmate
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    - Padh Likh Lo Aur Ban Jaao Naawab,
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    1.28 to 1.33 should be shown that murga punishment scene

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