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  • 9/09/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • So Friends on your Popular demand here we are today gonna share with you " Behind the Scenes"of what actually has happens behind the camera of Anaysa's shoot. Sure you'll enjoy and love the way of presenting it.
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    CREDITS :-
    Creative Head: Shruti Anand
    Director, DOP & Written By : Vishal Vaish
    Edited By: Vishal Vaish & Pankaj Topwal
    Presented by - Anishka Khantwaal, JeetuSri, Bharti Singh
    ~ Love
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    So Friends Kaisa Laga humara Behind The Scenes - RAP Song ?? Pasand aye toh video ko LIKE & SHARE jarur karna..
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      I love kuttyuo

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      Anaysa you very good IN-plusr and shurti

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    Nice video I

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    Please make video on at tuition time for girls

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    Very nice song

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    Love you Anysa

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    Best friend always fight like this😍😘🤩😎😆😋😉

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    Anishka please say my name in your any video then i now that you read my comment my name is yashika please ...please..........

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    Made people

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    Anishka is more beautiful and gorgeous than bharti and jeetu and others

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    Behind the scene

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