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  • 15/11/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • #GuloGulzar #SaboorAly #KinzaHashmi
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    True friendship is a blessing and Gul-o-Gulzar is a story of two friends who are very close to each other. But unfortunately, Gul’s envious nature destroys their bond completely.
    Saboor Aly as Gul is a manipulative and envious girl, who belongs to a poverty-stricken family and wants to get married to a rich guy.
    Kinza Hashmi as Gulzar is a soft-hearted and simple girl, who faces humiliation due to her friend (Gul’s) affair with Adil.
    Paras Mansoor as Jamal is a simple and self-made person who marries Gulzar despite all the allegations from Gul’s Parents. Jamal’s steadfast nature impresses Gulzar and she starts liking him.
    Firdous Jamal as Master Iqbal is a School teacher and respected father of Gulzar. His upbringing saves the entire family from the wrath of Gul’s devious plans.
    Omer Shahzad as Adil is flirtatious and a liar who likes Gulzar initially and gets into Gul’s deception easily and marries her.
    Kunwar Nafees as Afaq is Gulzar’s elder brother who becomes the victim of his sister’s vicious friend Gul, as she steals all the jewelry a day before his wedding.
    Any relationship based on ill intention turns out to be bad. Adil does not only mistreat Gul, but he also marries for the second time to a rich girl upon his parents’ will.
    Nayyar Ejaz as Kifayat and Shaista Jabeen as Kaneez are Gul’s parents who blame Gulzar for their daughter’s elope with Adil.
    Arjumand Azhar and Maryam Mirza are Adil’s parents who are kept in dark until Gul confronts them upon his second marriage
    Written By: Hasan Umer
    Directed By: Saqib Khan
    Saboor Aly
    Kinza Hashmi
    Nayyar Ejaz
    Shaista Jabeen
    Firdous Jamal
    Kunwar Nafees
    Paras Masroor
    Omer Shahzad
    Arjumand Azhar
    Maryam Mirza
    Anum Haq
    Misbah Qureshi and others.
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    Drama is getting bore now

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    look at 00:32 gul's beside i think there is a man

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      muhammad saad it's Gulzar

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    gul.ko.tu drama.say hi.nikal.doo

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    Ab yeh drama end ho jaana chahiye . Very stressful

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    Khushi hori h gulzar or b bura hona chaiye tha tmhare 7 bap bhai ki bt to smjh ni i t tmhe k gul achi lrki nhi h

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    gulzar tumhari apni bewaqufi ki waja se ye sab howa

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    Gul will get murdered or injured and Gulzar will get the blame

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      Yesss right ... ost mn gulzar ko police pkr kr ly jti h

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    Bht jaldi ehsas hogaya h gulzar k9 k uski life main saray problems ki jaaar Gul h 😑😑

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    Gulzar ko police utha k ly jaaye gee, gul k mamly m. Phr jail m uska husband and father ayen gy us sy milnay. OST teaser m h aysa.

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    Nice drama

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    Bht acha krygi gulzar agr aisa kia uski baty me aa k phr bewskofi na ki to wese umeed nh k aisa krygi 🤨

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