Billie Eilish - xanny

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  • 5/12/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Director: Billie Eilish
    DP: Kevin Hayden
    Production Designer: Pele Kudren
    Editor: John Paul Horstmann
    Choreographer: Matty Peacock
    VFX: Ingenuity Studios
    Follow Billie Eilish:
    Facebook: billieeilish
    Instagram: billieeilish
    Twitter: billieeilish

    Music video by Billie Eilish performing xanny. © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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  • Tooshle
    Tooshle 11 मिनट पहले +1

    Billie: *Released her first song when she was 13*
    Me: *Dramatically says goodbye to my bedroom whenever I leave to get food*

  • Hush Puppy
    Hush Puppy 13 मिनट पहले

    she's so creepy omigod

  • Patricia Sparrow
    Patricia Sparrow 30 मिनट पहले +1

    why has nobody ever noticed that she has a similar voice to melanie martinez?

  • Honor Parrott
    Honor Parrott 30 मिनट पहले

    Only if if I could meet billie. WHYYY CANTTT I😪😪😭😭😭

  • megan vlogs
    megan vlogs 35 मिनट पहले

    Her nails are damnn nice dood

  • Ariel Field
    Ariel Field 49 मिनट पहले

    Billie must be in the movies - what an actress!!!

  • Time of thought Deep house
    Time of thought Deep house 53 मिनट पहले

    Похож стиль на Lana del Rey

  • Omer Cohen
    Omer Cohen घंटे पहले

    #justbillieeilish #billieeilish

  • mirella vs realidad
    mirella vs realidad 2 घंटे पहले +1

    Te pareces a mi madre

  • xkaah ff
    xkaah ff 2 घंटे पहले +1

    🇧🇷 LIKE

  • greenshark 0
    greenshark 0 2 घंटे पहले

    Слушаю, не прекращая, уже 3 неделю
    Это прекрасно

  • Dtrix Frost
    Dtrix Frost 2 घंटे पहले

    Why does she reminds me of scarlett johansson.

  • Ronja Martinsen borg
    Ronja Martinsen borg 2 घंटे पहले

    I think billie have the most beutiful voice ❤️

  • Kef Bana
    Kef Bana 2 घंटे पहले

    This song is testing my patience.

  • בן פריינד
    בן פריינד 2 घंटे पहले

    2,747,518 לייקים 108,739 אנלייק אני נשוי לה אשתי היקרה

  • unicornio27583
    unicornio27583 2 घंटे पहले +1


  • Tornike Apciauri
    Tornike Apciauri 3 घंटे पहले

    i love this song

  • Настя like
    Настя like 3 घंटे पहले

    WOW!!! Cood!!! I love you!!!

  • Wavy_Jns
    Wavy_Jns 3 घंटे पहले

    Puder mir die Nase und dann popp ich eine Xanny Sober zu sein ist für mich ein Handicap

  • Кек Лолич
    Кек Лолич 4 घंटे पहले +2

    Кто из Рашки?

  • Ecem Beril
    Ecem Beril 4 घंटे पहले +2

    I love you Billie Elish, I'm your fan, beautiful woman.I love it, damn it .But as an impossible Turk to see you :(
    I love you extreme smoking woman

  • Kayde00lol
    Kayde00lol 4 घंटे पहले

    She looks like she drinked to much and can't open her eyes XD

  • Αφροδιτη Ελευθερια
    Αφροδιτη Ελευθερια 4 घंटे पहले +1

    Why people like Ariana like Billie sings and has something to tell to people.Ariana sings what a girl wants...

  • Ilona Chernova
    Ilona Chernova 4 घंटे पहले +1

    I love you ♡♡♡

  • Wendy Anderson
    Wendy Anderson 4 घंटे पहले

    Love you 😍

  • J Λ L Ξ N Gaming
    J Λ L Ξ N Gaming 4 घंटे पहले

    I'm I the only one who notice this video is shot with a KIRA Robot

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
    10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge 4 घंटे पहले


  • Eduarda Alves
    Eduarda Alves 4 घंटे पहले +1

    perfect :) ♡♡♡♡♡

  • yasmin fannyzinha
    yasmin fannyzinha 5 घंटे पहले +1

    I love you billie eilish 💕🌟

  • Marcio Andrade
    Marcio Andrade 5 घंटे पहले

    A mimha deusa vai. Vim para o brasil 😭

  • Audrey Tiffany
    Audrey Tiffany 5 घंटे पहले +1

    That cigarettes scar look like chicken pox on her face

  • Elizabeth Rueda León
    Elizabeth Rueda León 5 घंटे पहले

    Qué vídeo tan triste y tan malo para quienes tratan de cuidar de su cuerpo y su salud. Ojalá no de promoviera ver éstas cosas de autodestrucción. Me dolió demasiado ver qué alguien que quiero mucho ve ésto y se hunde en su tristeza.

    NIGHTCORE 5 घंटे पहले

    Do you call it creepy? Seriously? You definitely haven't watched Marilyn Manson's videos.

  • Cajun Baw
    Cajun Baw 5 घंटे पहले

    Shit stupid🙄🙄

  • Cnun sanga
    Cnun sanga 5 घंटे पहले +1

    Juz realize she dressed like a cigarette

  • Roman Blockz
    Roman Blockz 5 घंटे पहले

    I read an article about this those are real cigarettes :/

  • Gatcha Bee :3
    Gatcha Bee :3 6 घंटे पहले

    My favourite song at the moment

  • Jensila Sharon
    Jensila Sharon 6 घंटे पहले

    Why her voice is weird in all her songs ? Can't she sing in some other genre ?

  • Zi Zo
    Zi Zo 6 घंटे पहले


  • Gece Loly
    Gece Loly 7 घंटे पहले


  • Noemi Hrachova
    Noemi Hrachova 7 घंटे पहले +1


  • Детектив Из VSq
    Детектив Из VSq 8 घंटे पहले +1

    Если ты не слышал эту песню на колонке то ты не знаешь что такое бассы

  • Vân Nguyễn
    Vân Nguyễn 8 घंटे पहले


  • Асылжурек Керимбай
    Асылжурек Керимбай 8 घंटे पहले

    Billie I love you so much I want be like you you are Free, you don’t think about bad things. Always do what you want I also want be like you but I can’t 💝💝🥳🤩

  • Leonardo Fabiano
    Leonardo Fabiano 8 घंटे पहले +1

    0:37 ahhhhhhhhhhh f**k !!!

  • Nurul Falah
    Nurul Falah 8 घंटे पहले

    see you in jakarta👋:)

  • Seren Riyad
    Seren Riyad 9 घंटे पहले

    اول مرة اشوف شعرها بني

  • Bad Guy
    Bad Guy 9 घंटे पहले

    Тупая, контуженная дура, с тупыми песнями

  • Poteto head
    Poteto head 9 घंटे पहले

    from far away she looks Lady GaGa in that movie

  • Gabriel Neil
    Gabriel Neil 9 घंटे पहले

    Feeling a bit better after listening to this song

  • Saima Shaikh
    Saima Shaikh 11 घंटे पहले

    I want more of Billie Eilish

  • Indi rahma
    Indi rahma 11 घंटे पहले


  • Llusion Glory
    Llusion Glory 11 घंटे पहले

    More fake depress assholes here

  • ARgon official
    ARgon official 12 घंटे पहले

    Oturduğu yerden para kazanıyor jdjdjdjdijr

  • jorge troncone
    jorge troncone 12 घंटे पहले


  • Arina Basova
    Arina Basova 12 घंटे पहले

    It's beautiful!

  • jorge troncone
    jorge troncone 12 घंटे पहले

    e visto gente así gente cenicero

  • Martin Vega
    Martin Vega 13 घंटे पहले

    I loooooooooooooooooove u billie😻😻😻❤

  • Alexandra Frame
    Alexandra Frame 13 घंटे पहले

    Living with people addicted to pain pills and anxiety pills... I get it. They are never better, just want more and still complain.. I don't get it.. does it even work or just make ppl addicts?.. I really don't know, I just keep following doctors instructions, begrudgingly