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NASA | Image of SpaceX CRS-19 Dragon Cargo from Space Station
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NASA SpaceX Dragon CRS-19 Cargo ISS Capture confirmed!
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Exp 61 Astronauts speak with Nobel Prize Winners
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How Does the SLS Rocket’s Core Stage Come Together?
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Making Space for Technology Development
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Elektron Rocket Live Launch | "Running Out of Fingers"
दृश्य 1.4K6 दिन पहले
Progress MS-13 ready for duty
दृश्य 1K6 दिन पहले
Progress MS 13 ISS Cargo Preparing to go
दृश्य 1.2K8 दिन पहले
ULA | Boeing Space Starliner | Time Lapse
दृश्य 1.1K11 दिन पहले
Interview with Andrew Morgan at Brooke Army Medical Center
दृश्य 63912 दिन पहले
Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk Radio
दृश्य 54214 दिन पहले
Watch Tesla Cybertruck from us
दृश्य 1.4K15 दिन पहले
NASA | Solar Wind Effects
दृश्य 50915 दिन पहले
Astranauts ready for spacewalk. Pressure Cover Closed
दृश्य 10924 दिन पहले
NASA | Neptune Moon Dance | Animation
दृश्य 3.8K25 दिन पहले
NASA | Did you know? | Suiting Up for a Spacewalk | Time-lapse
दृश्य 49525 दिन पहले
SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch & Landing Starlink Mission
दृश्य 4K28 दिन पहले
BOEING | Commercial Crew Boeing Pad Abort Test
दृश्य 1.2Kमहीने पहले
Simulation of Mercury's passing through the Sun
दृश्य 1.2Kमहीने पहले
ULA | Atlas V During Launch Vehicle on Stand
दृश्य 263महीने पहले
NASA Headquarters Honor Awards | 2019
दृश्य 101महीने पहले
Boeing CST-100 Starliner Pad Abort Test
दृश्य 581महीने पहले
NASA EYES LIVE | Juno Mission to Jupiter | Real Time Simulation
दृश्य 1.1Kमहीने पहले
SpaceX Crew Dradon Parachute Most recent Test video released
दृश्य 1.8Kमहीने पहले
Antares Rocket Launch | Slow Motion Video with Adobe Premiere Pro
दृश्य 1.1Kमहीने पहले
Northrop Grumman releases new simulation for the Moon mission
दृश्य 1.1Kमहीने पहले
N2 delivering critical cargo to the international space station
दृश्य 207महीने पहले
Where does Earth's atmosphere end and space begin?
दृश्य 214महीने पहले
The AstroRad Vest, launching on Northrop Grumman CRS 12
दृश्य 812महीने पहले
NASA Challenge Winners to Hitch a Ride on Artemis I
दृश्य 117महीने पहले
NASA | Creating an Aerogel Based Aircraft Antenna 📡
दृश्य 718महीने पहले
NASA | Mars 2020 Stands on Its Own Six Wheels | Time-lapse
दृश्य 240महीने पहले
Location of Hygiea in the Solar System and Impact simulation
दृश्य 1.1Kमहीने पहले
ULA | Vulcan Centaur Qualification Equipment | Time-lapse
दृश्य 729महीने पहले
NASA is sending a mobile robot to the south pole of the Moon
दृश्य 541महीने पहले
Study of Lamborghini’s Carbon Fiber Composites on the ISS
दृश्य 704महीने पहले
NASA | Exploring the Presence of Water on the Moon
दृश्य 332महीने पहले
Darkness Surrounds Us
दृश्य 755महीने पहले
NASA | President Trump Congratulates All Woman Spacewalk Crew
दृश्य 1Kमहीने पहले
NASA | Faces of Technology - Meet Katie Hamilton
दृश्य 688महीने पहले
Rocket Lab | Elektron Rocket Launch | “As The Crow Flies”
दृश्य 450महीने पहले
NASA | Launch Abort System LAS Jettison Motor Hot Fire Test
दृश्य 1.2Kमहीने पहले
NASA | Space Is Hard
दृश्य 645महीने पहले
NASA | Hubble's New Image of Interstellar Object
दृश्य 388महीने पहले
NASA | Multi arm Swing Test
दृश्य 492महीने पहले
Northrop Grumman | GEM 63 Rocket Motor QM 3 Static Test
दृश्य 1.1Kमहीने पहले
NASA | Next-generation Artemis spacesuit event
दृश्य 2.3K2 महीने पहले
Northrop Grumman’s Pegasus XL rocket launch
दृश्य 1.7Kमहीने पहले
Tory Bruno : Vulcan is coming | Time-lapse
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    was watching this and they show the inflatable habitat expand. Why hasn't any one thought of using a large 3d printer to build habs like they have demonstrated to build houses and Elon's fuel tanks? Powdered metal raw stock is size to weight efficient compared to component shipments. The only component shipment would be the 3d printing robot. Then all you need is raw stock for printing.

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    Because they don't talk about the UFO anomalies that come out, it's so obvious that they want to hide it with the camera changes since they leave these UFOs. I wonder why they don't refer to them ... ???

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    How was this footage captured then, if the Russians didn’t want the world to know about yet another of their “secret” satellites?

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    Webb hoax a scope. How the hell could it possibly cost 12 billiln dollars?.

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    Tick tock kiddos, as soon as the majority of the remaining ice is gone, what do you think the heat energy is going to do? Extreme abrupt non-linear heating of the Arctic ocean .... and the end of stable weather,... for,... forever. It's called "latent heat of fusion." It takes nearly 80 times the energy to melt ice into water as it does to heat water by 1°C. Once the ice melts, and becomes liquid water, the water will heat 80 times faster. In other words, the energy it takes to melt ice heats the same mass equivalent of water by nearly 80°C.(nearly 80 times the efficiency) (334 joules of energy to melt 1 gram of ice into water) (4.2 Joules to heat 1 gram of water by 1°C) Bummer ainitt?

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    It's so impressive that the Soyuz is more than 60 years and is the only alternative since 2011 to bring humans to space. Don't forget that the Soyuz rockets are the most reliable way to reach LEO worldwide and history wise for a fraction of the amount of money that NASA receives from the happy US taxpayers :)

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