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Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: Solve These Riddles | Ok Tested
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Insults Face Off: Tu Itna Saanp Hai | Ok Tested
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The Cola Taste Test: Which Is What? | Ft. Arushi & Kanishk | Ok Tested
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Can You Pass This Basic History Test? | Ft. Rohit & Antil | Ok Tested
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The Ultimate Cricket Quiz Feat. Indian Cricket Fans | Ok Tested
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Playing PUBG With PUBG Pros | Ft. Akshay & Pavitra | Ok Tested
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Can You Solve This Cartoon Network Quiz? | Ft. Antil & Arushi | Ok Tested
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Can You Pass This Basic Physics Test? | Ft. Antil & Satyam | Ok Tested
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We Tried India's Spiciest Food (Part -2) | Ft. Rohit & Akshay | Ok Tested
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Who Makes The Best Chai? | Ft. Sonali, Akshay, & Kanishk | Ok Tested
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How Well Do You Know World Currencies? | Ft. Antil & Akshay | Ok Tested
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    😂😂😂😂 20-25K lehengas are cheap??????? And 70-80K are medium??? Bro ye kya hai

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    12:05. that glass push was just like DAB..... Awasome...... 👌👌👌

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    I am die-hard fan for Harry Potter and I am cringing at every scene!

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    Bro try bengali cuisine. 😘

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    Please do make a video on drag kings🤴🏻

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    Thank you for subtitles

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    After watching this i really want to go Kolkata because I'm a huge fan of sweets and without sweets i cannot imagine my life OMG!!

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    Btw which south india part have that language 😂😂

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    You should try the phuchka at Dakshinapan, one of the most famous phuchka in kolkata

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    Tom and jerry ka cheese is swiss cheese.. Par yar milta kha h

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    I Absolutely love shivam. It is his character or nature only to speak like that maybe. He will be paid anyways , why u all are thinking that he's exaggerating. People can like akshay , satyam and shivam altogether as three of them are different persons. Why are u comparing and spreading negativity.?

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    Oh that unsolved theme cued and I smiled so much ...

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    BTW in this quiz Rohit was not the loser Rohit knew 2 more films but he didnt remember the name of HUM AAPKE HAI KAUN and MAI PREM KI DEEWANI HU. Sad foer Him

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    Some of the dishes shown here are very similar to what bengali cuisine is all about. And the fact that bengalis also follow the tradition of offering their guests with water and sweets when they come to your house is the same in bihar. This shows that bihar and bengal belonged to the same province before the partition of bengal.

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    Thank you laaz rakhli #teamscience ... Saans ruk jati h yaar meri.. Antil Bhai and Joshhh u guys rockssss

  • Radhe Radhe
    Radhe Radhe 6 घंटे पहले

    Thank you laaz rakhli #teamscience ... Saans ruk jati h yaar meri.. Antil Bhai and Joshhh u guys rockssss

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