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  • Валерий Соловьев
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    Да русский язык по богачей будет на эти случаи

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    Also das kann ich mir echt nicht anschauen. DIE TROTTEL !!

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    I work with heavy equipment everyday, how come every idiot in these videos are in India or Russia kind of makes you proud to be an American

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    Clickbait doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

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    6.49 bunch of idiot people..loll there are many people there but nobody hve a really good idea to stop it..they enjoy watching it..

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    Stupid idiot doing wrong 😂

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    Fuck india

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    They could've just driven the last one to it's destination.

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    Moron u never jump from ur vechical

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    Stop with the slo-mo replay just to get over 10 min so you can monetize - its annoying.

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    This is why you only use Mexicans as cheap laborers, not operators.

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    The thumbnail on this video seems like clickbait as I do not see the bulldozer accident anywhere in this video. Disliked.

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    Imagine sitting in traffic and suddenly a cement mixer falls on your head.

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    Beautiful and simple

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    0:58 不覚にも笑ってしまった… 車ってあんなに高くジャンプできるんだね。走り幅跳びでもやりたかったのかな?

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    If they come any where near my stuff i will set my jack Russells on them .

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    2:09 (translation to english) "hey, put it in reverse!"

  • محمدابوارجال محمدابوارجال

    ذا حقيقه والاخيال

  • Heavy Equipment
    Heavy Equipment 4 दिन पहले

    How to Clean Headlights: in-plus.biz/cainala/mlPS8UmTA3c-vidiyo.html

  • Heavy Equipment
    Heavy Equipment 4 दिन पहले

    Caring for Wheels and Tyres: in-plus.biz/cainala/QGwgUR3i3r4-vidiyo.html

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    Tetnyata tidak hanya di +62 saja yang klakuanya konyol kyk gini

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      Itu bukan kelakuan bodoh,itu kecelakaan

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    Truck INDONESIA is crazy

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    AT 2;20 THEY LIGHT A LIGHTER OVER AN OPEN HATCH ON A TANKER.. momma said stupid is stupid ..they cant change STUPID .

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    1:00 no imagination and responsibility:)

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    Indonesia setrong 😂

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    Dan ini cuma ada di indonesia

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    in-plus.biz/cainala/FGJucH6DS4Q-vidiyo.html 👍 💛 ❤️ 💙

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    "we use them or sell them" so the government literally robs the person and profits from it, how nice.

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      What? Who? Please explain your comments? What are you talking about?

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    Fuck you!

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    Only in India....

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    se folks need to stick to what they KNOW...goats, sheep and donkeys. Idiots.

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    What would laugh at without the ragheads😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂?

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    Notice how all ""accidents " are from the third world !,😂😂😂😂😂

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    For that water challenge, they didn't tell him that was pump out liquids did they? Lol, he'll find out soon enough.

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    Hoe stom ben ben je op 2.0, dit gaat toch nooit ! Ze zijn niet de enigste stommeriken .

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    These are 100 percent Canadian fails. Canuck workers are the stupidest workers in the world. Most of them are inbred and smoke weed and sniff Freon they steal from America. 😂

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    This is why in the US you should never hire foreign workers to operate equipment

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    Ngeri banget gaes

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    8:30 Looks like the inside of Satan's outhouse.

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    Ölüm viraji

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    An Excellent Video. ♡ T.E.N.

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    Unbelievably, the first incident was filmed in a country where people speak Spanish.

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    1:52. Indonesia punya punya

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    900-year-old videos from 3rd world countries with little to no rules and regulations we have seen 10 times before on YT.

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    love to see a compilation of the reactions of everyone presented with a bill for the damages for each incident in this vid

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    At 1:49, Japanese shore fisherman caught a whale. They had to bring in heavy equipment to get it to market.

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    Why are all these vids showing overloaded vehicles . The people who operate them either have their heads up their ass or they don't give A dam about themselves or people around them.

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    So many potential Darwin recipients. That guy in the yellow thinking his measly body weight can turn a truck? Yeah ok

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    3:36 what the actual fuck

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    3:25 is a good operator

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    В первом видео Крановшик далбоеб

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    You have an interesting definition of a fail.

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    At 6:00. The guy went for a Coffee Break and his Helper was having a WIZ on the other side! It only took about 15 Guys to stop it! DUMB!

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    What is that Guy at 5:12 Doing? Trying to Drain the Ocean? I think He's DRUNK! & He's FIRED!!!

  • Richard Simpson
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    Lots of Champion IDIOTS In this one!

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    these mother f ers

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    I like the Russian "Its My Life" song in the first bit.

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    Wow! The last one is superb! Not idiot.

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    Lu idiot kg tau resiko sopir

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    07:45 indonesia

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    *LOL* *1:56*

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    6:30 Indian rodeo.

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    6:50 Idiot cops. They can still be used off road. No one is above the law except cops who seize private property.

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    When most of the instances come from brown skinned countries.......

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    Some deaths here. Wow

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    When advanced technology meets third world shitholes.

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    Excavator vs Snake vs Crocodrile vs Elephant

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