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HACKS to deal with the sticky MONSOON in style! | Sejal Kumar
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SIMPLE outfits for colleges with DRESSCODES! | Sejal Kumar
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brother's graduation! NEW YORK CITY vlog | Sejal Kumar
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what to wear when you're NOT A FASHION BLOGGER | Sejal Kumar
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Dance on Taki Taki and Gully Boy | Sejal Kumar
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7 outfits for your COLLEGE LIFE | Sejal Kumar
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day in my life! INSTAGRAMMER of the year award! | Sejal Kumar
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Outfit From Scratch: my YouTube Fanfest outfit! | Sejal Kumar
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chubhti jalti garmi ka mausam | 5 SUMMER outfits | Sejal Kumar
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YouTubers in Real Life | Sejal Kumar
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I made an Indo-Western Outfit From Scratch! | Sui Dhaaga | Sejal Kumar
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My Hair Colour and Tattoo Experience? | Sejal Kumar | #1MillionWeek
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Sham - Aisha Cover | Sejal Kumar | #1MillionWeek
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I got my FIRST TATTOO with my SUBSCRIBER | Sejal Kumar | #1MillionWeek
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My Journey to 1 Million Subscribers! | Sejal Kumar | #1MillionWeek
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Prateek Kuhad Dil Beparwah Cover | Sejal Kumar
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Styling the SAME Clothes I Wore in College NOW | Sejal Kumar
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10 Ways to Style 1 Lehenga for a Wedding | Sejal Kumar
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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! 1 Million Subs Contest | Sejal Kumar
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MostlySane and My Honest YouTube Journey | SejalSpeaks
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I FINALLY Organise My Wardrobe | Sejal Kumar
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#SejalSpeaks: How to be Productive and Not Lazy AF!
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Ariana Grande Almost is Never Enough Cover | Sejal Kumar
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Get Ready with Me for New Year's Eve & My Birthday | Sejal Kumar
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The Year I Learnt the Most: 18 days of 2018 | Sejal Kumar
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I Dressed like a GirlBoss for a Week | Sejal Kumar
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How to look Good for a Party and not Freeze | Sejal Kumar
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How to stay WARM and Look GOOD in the Winter | Sejal Kumar
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HUGE Winter Haul | Sejal Kumar
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Outfit Challenge #3 Sejal vs Roshni *Blindfolded* | Sejal Kumar
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My Earnings?! I Googled myself, let's see how this goes | Sejal Kumar
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#SejalSpeaks: How to Achieve your Goals and Be Happy! | Sejal Kumar
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When #DeepVeer got Married ft Dolly Singh | Sejal Kumar
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How I have the best morning...Morning Routine Hacks | Sejal Kumar
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#SejalVlogs: Awards + Changing my room + HUGE announcement | Sejal Kumar
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Getting Ready Girl V/s Boy ft Gagan Arora | Sejal Kumar
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Period conversations between mom and daughter | Mom&Me | Sejal Kumar
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5 outfits Japan Style...I'm obsessed | Sejal Kumar
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DIY: Outfit from Scratch for DIWALI | Sejal Kumar
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The truth about my relationship
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Stages of becoming a BTS / K-Pop Fan | Sejal Kumar
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Festive Style Swap Challenge with Komal Pandey | Sejal Kumar
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I Gave Myself 3 Festive Makeovers | Sejal Kumar
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We Went on an EPIC ROAD TRIP! USA Vlogs Part 3 | Sejal Kumar
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Toxic Cover by Sejal Kumar ft Kinshuk Sen
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Partying, Food, Art and LOTS OF FUN | Chicago Vlogs Part 2
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We Saw The Bean! Chicago Vlogs Part 1 | Sejal Kumar
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#SejalVlogs: What You've Wanted to Know..
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#MomAndMe Questions Every Mother Wants to ask her Daughter | Sejal Kumar
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When You Wear Your FIRST SAREE *Teacher's Day Edition* | Sejal Kumar
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Recreating a Scene from REMIX ft Mahathalli | Sejal Kumar
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My First Time Opening Mail! | Sejal Kumar
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I Wore Clothes from SHEIN.COM For a Week | Sejal Kumar
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#SejalVlogs Reunited with my Best Friends in Hyderabad!
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Friends Marshmello Cover by Sejal Kumar
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Going through my Childhood Pictures | Sejal Kumar
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Kurta Looks for EVERY COLLEGE GIRL | Sejal Kumar
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Adventures in Dubai ft Komal Pandey | Sejal Kumar
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I Let my BFFs Pick My Outfits | Sejal Kumar
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The Outfit Challenge #2: Sejal vs Sherry | Sejal Kumar
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10 Different Ways to Wear 1 JEANS | Sejal Kumar
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My Instagram Followers Give Me A MAKEOVER | Sejal Kumar
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Fashion Trends You Can ACTUALLY WEAR IN INDIA | Sejal Kumar
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I Wore Clothes from SAROJINI NAGAR For A Week | Sejal Kumar
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How to MAKE THE MOST of SUMMER VACATIONS | Don't be Lazy | Sejal Kumar
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Beat the Heat WITHOUT SHORT CLOTHES | Summer Outfit Ideas | Sejal Kumar
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