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Can you control your Nightmare? | Lucid dreaming | Tamil | LMES
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BUS DAY Paridhabangal | Tamil | LMES
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Reverse Magnus Effect | Science behind Bumrah's Bowling ! Tamil | LMES
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Associate With LMES ..! | Government school kids | BIGBANG Workshop
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Veg vs Non-Veg - Which digests faster? | LMES
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தடுப்பூசிகள் அவசியமா ? | LMES
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What's inside BIGBANG kit ? | Summer Science Workshop
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Heating and Cooling Cycle | Can we use Refrigerators as an AC? | Tamil | LMES
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How LMES team plans for Avengers FDFS? | Morse code | BigBang Workshop
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Adutha illaku - Snippets 2 | LMES
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Basics of Calculus | dy/dx னா இவ்வளவு தானா? | LMES
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இனி College Degree தேவையா ? | Adutha illaku | LMES
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Resonance | How to prevent Bridge collapse using Science? | LMES
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Radio Telescopes | How did they capture BLACK HOLE? | LMES
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Adutha illaku - Snippets | LMES
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பாதை | அடுத்த இலக்கு | LMES
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Life Vs Dream | அடுத்த இலக்கு | LMES
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Samsung note 7 ஏன் வெடிக்குது ? | LMES
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LMES - யின் "அடுத்த இலக்கு " | LMES
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BIG BANG Workshop at Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore | Mogappair highlights
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Current vs Voltage | Who is the killer? | Ft Vikram Vedha | LMES
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We are in need of Engineers Support | Gaja Cyclone Relief | LMES
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#Gaja Cyclone Relief - Thanks For your Support
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Learn Mathematics through Pizza!!
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Life of Pi (π)
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Reason Behind Engineering Maths Arrears | BIG BANG Weekend Classes
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  • Chandra Chandru
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    I also got many lucid dreams

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    That was a mini inception lol

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    Center of mass um center of pressure um center la iruntha stable ah erukuma?? Brother please explain me

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    Believe or not I'm a Lucid dreamer 😎

  • Thiyaga Rajan
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    really fantastic bro.... we studied these things without realizing that the purpose or real life application. And your videos are very usefull for many of the students to understand and to create new ideas in the future. I am wishing you to make many scientists in our india.🇮🇳

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    block list 2 घंटे पहले

    Bro time travel pathi vedio podunga bro plz

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    Anna please suggest the new unknown engineering courses but it has more valuefor young generations

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    Same concept is in inception movie

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    Thank you for uploading this video... Romba nalla Doubt clear agiduchu....

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    Murugan Manickam 3 घंटे पहले

    Can you supply me lucid-dreamer device?

  • sujin sunilkumar
    sujin sunilkumar 4 घंटे पहले

    Sooo... where is the point hw can a non lucid dreamer control his dreams

    NUFF SAID!!! PRODIGY 2 4 घंटे पहले

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    Bro... Semma bro.. Naan oru naal complex codingku output varalannu thoongunan..Dreamla dhan enaku solution vandhuchu..

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  • raj Vice
    raj Vice 5 घंटे पहले

    How to lucid dream ( I lucid dream frequently ) 1. Wake up at 5 am 2. Do things like reading ( which u are not interested . 3. U should feel so bad to sleep 4. Go to sleep at 7 5. U will lucid dream ( I get lucid dream only during exam time ) ( I never actually tried this other time )

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    Next level sound design

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    Interesting information bro

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    Sasikumar janarthanan 6 घंटे पहले

    I also read earlier about ramanujam's solving methodology. I did the same for many times to resolve my issue... But after this kind of dreams, I felt tired and unsleepy feeling. Is that correct. Please explain what our body reacts after wake up...

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    senthil Kumar 6 घंटे पहले

    Vijay Thanjavurkarenu Nenaikuraen AM I RIGHT????

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    CRK 6 घंटे पहले

    Hai anna Oru doubt. 1xi = i ok anna ixi = -1 yappadi vanthuchi puriura mari solluga na.. Pls

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    Sir i am studying ece first year i want to join in lmes and to know science practically what can i do ?

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    Dharma Raj 8 घंटे पहले

    Nice information....i have achieved 1 time lucid dreaming in my college time ...after seeing inception movie i have try that...it will work..

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  • senthil raju
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    Yeah ur talking exactly crt. Am a lucid dreamer in childhood itself bt no one believe tht before. Before 4yers nly I came to know it proper name 😍 now ur telling exactly same... Superb thanx 👍

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    Satish M 17 घंटे पहले

    After seeing this video I had worst nightmare. Did anyone else too had?

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    Iam from NLC BRO put some demirits of NLC BRO , they are even pumping out much water bro ,our people have artisiean well before NLC pumping out water It's in Cuddalore bro

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    Lucid Dreaming ....இது மாதிரி எனக்கு நடந்து இருக்கு

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    Nice and much interesting. How can the person give eye movement signal after enter into dream. How he ctrl his eyes while sleeping or dream

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    Bro yes yes yes, 😱 Ethu elaaralaium mudiyaa tha ... I thought it's human nature. OK I say about me. Enaku night time laa dream maximum vara athu.... Na oru night owl. I like to work night time Because I feel more refresh and I can get new idea at night...clam and Peace... No sound disturbance... I do this when I was writing content...or doing projects Yeah I'm also engineer too😊😊. First I can control my dream when i sleep at morning... Mean I can visualize the dream in my way like story narrator but I completely lives there Purira mathiri solanum na .. We are not ordering our arm's or leg to move but we move...sometime we forget the control of them but they will act or work based on our need . like that I will not control but the dream flow based on my need.. I can dream what ever I want ...staying with someone I needs, driving cars I want..flying in space...tea with pm..☺😂etc... Some time I do my project in dream.... (Designer)etc. But I control my dream only when I sleep morning (sun appears)...later on That mean can do at night too...but the problem is getting Dream as child hood that I can't control...is not coming... I asked my mom why now a days I'm not getting dream...she told that u may not remember the dream like that.....explained... But now I found that... The thing I do and visual which happen during I sleep is also a dreams controlled by me.

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    bro appo naanum luci dreamer thannu nenaikauraen. enaku oru naal kanavu vanthuchu athu iranthu pona en nanbana pathi appo avan avanoda kudumbathoda futura note pannitu solluran, appo enaku bayam vanthu en kaiyya nanae kanavula killuraen, appo enaku valukuthu. athukaprom ithu ninaivu thannu nenachutu avan kooda pesa try panraen. Ithu luci dreaminga irukalamla

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  • Chandrasekar J
    Chandrasekar J दिन पहले

    Virus, germs and chemicals are presents not only natural water, those are presents in natural air, fruits, vegetables and grains. Our human body have extraordinary filter, it will filter unwanted things and absorbs all vitamins, minarals etc. If you use RO you will get diseases which related to water like kidney failure etc (check RO used people history in hospital). Are you using any special Filter for air to inhale 😁. Please place vedio to answer this. U R doing good job but don't place vedio with wrong info. Please follow this link: in-plus.biz/cainala/Hj48WqmDzHg-vidiyo.html

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