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    Compare it with Honda BRV, guess both are in same league now.

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    Par sir koi apne dhaabe mein battery charge karne dega kya??

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    Best Video

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  • Rafiya Tadvi
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    Too costly

  • puneet chauhan
    puneet chauhan 47 मिनट पहले

    Did Tata paid for this video. What sort of rubbish comparison was this. You only mentioned negative points of Hector. Tata made a good car no doubt about that but the comparison was totally biased.

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    innova honda audi mercedes bmw ford toyota and more all in one....

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    Plz make a video tiago vs nio

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    Ranchit bhai kidhar gaye🙄🙄🙄

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    Poor car, just 2 airbags and just 15 inch wheels. Of course Marazzo will be better

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    Hello Sir, I want to buy Hyundai Grand I10 NIOS, but the dealer is charging me 3k as handeling charges and 44k + for insurance. He said we can't give u any discount insurance and handeling charges are compulsory without that we can't sell u the car. So is there any way by which I can threat them or pressurize them to give some discount? Thanks! Ankit

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      He is not. Rachit isn't well. But honestly wasn't it a good review :)

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    Pradeep Kumar 4 घंटे पहले

    Good verdict, like to purchase and go for alpha manual. One question, can we upgrade Tyre to 16 or 17 inch after taking it out from showroom? Does it impact warranty and / or performance?

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    Kia is falling short on safety features in base models. MG has done good job in this field. Kia have played psychological game with pricing so that it pretends that it's value for money. In my openion Tech line is missing many important safety features and GT line is overpriced. By this pricing hector petrol looks more worth than GT line.

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    • akshit tyagi
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      Yss it's not well because Virat bhai Bolte thik h but thoda sust treeke se Bolte h or voice thodi si tez krke review Kiya kre to thoda sahi lgega .

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      Not well bro

  • Prajith Avethan
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    I have not seen many reviews mention the slightly reduced visibility in EcoSport and nexon due to thicker beams. Liked that this was mentioned. Great impartial review. :)

  • Varun Chitkara
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    Please explain the meaning of bs6 and bs4

  • Siddhartha Misra
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    Fuel efficiency ?

  • vinod patil
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    Why are interior plastics/ leather; soft touch or hard touch etc matter so much that almost every car reviewer includes this? If interior quality is to be measured; why not focus more on aspects like, dashboard cluster, how easy/ responsive it is, any new tech/ functionality - speakers on dash, dash cam, ergonomics from drivers perspective, from side passengers perspective. There are so many points to discuss, but often reviewers seem fixated on materials alone.

  • Aniket Kaushal
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    R. Hirani we want each n every review by you not by any other host..

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      Mr Hirani is not well.

  • sourabh mittal
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    Ertiga looks more value for money