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Pro Gaming with Apex Legends Season 2 Live India!! ;p
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Apex Legends Sunday Live Action India!!
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Apex Legends Saturday Live Action!!
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Apex Legends Live India, killing some Kukarajas!!
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Legends are back, lets kill some Kukarajas...
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The best Battle Royal Game ever!!!
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#Apexlegends #AkhriPastaaa #ApexliveIndia
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#Apexlegends #AkhriPastaaa #ApexliveIndia
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#ApexLegends #AkhriPastaaa #apexliveIndia
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#ApexLegends #AkhriPastaaa #apexliveIndia
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going for 1000+ kills today with Bangalore
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900+ kills with Bangalore ;p
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the legend is back :-p
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Apex Legends
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apex legends
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Apex legends
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  • Akhri Pastaaa
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    Hey Guys, You have been asking about Indian server for Apex Legends since a long time. So here it is, please find the link below for the petition, and if we can manage to get around 10k+ signs for this, then it is doable for EA team. The more the signs, the better the chances are for this. A Lot Of People have spoken to Apex Team and they have assured that we can score signs for these then it will be considered by the marketing of EA Sports / Apex Legends. Please pass on this info to others as well and help us to spread this across the country. #ApexLegendsForIndia #IndianServersForApex www.change.org/p/electronic-arts-petition-for-indian-apex-legends-servers

  • Norwall
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    Super amazing work. 💯

    • Akhri Pastaaa
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      Thanks Norwall Music I hope you enjoyed the work and hope to keep showing you great work and gaming like this. So support me by sharing, liking and subscribing my channel. Thanks buddy .😁

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    Itna ghanta kaise khel lete ho Bhai ?

  • Noble Society
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    Keep the quality high all the time if you plan on growing your following.

    • Akhri Pastaaa
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      Ok noble society i will keep that in mind. But i think the quality is fine isn't it?