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Americans Try To Label A Map of Europe
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Draw-Off Live • We Draw Your Suggestions
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Drunk Vs. Sober Assembling Legos
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Teens and Teachers Rate Lunchables
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I Accidentally Became A Meme: Side-Eyeing Chloe
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People Make DIY Japanese Candy
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Trying To Get 1 Million TikTok Followers | Part 1
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Couples Play Date, Marry or Disappear With Inanimate Objects
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Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw NickToons From Memory (ft. Butch Hartman)
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Two Truths And A Lie: Ryann, Jazz & Lindsay
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How I Lost 10% Body Fat In 4 Months
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For The Love Of Hot Dogs // Presented by Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
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Can You Make A Flute Out Of Paper?
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Teens Swap Snacks On A Blind Date
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My Journey From Freak Accident To Surfing
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BFFs Play Truth Or Dare • Spicy Food Edition
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Teacher Reviews Classroom Scenes From Film & TV
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Medical School Students Play Never Have I Ever
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Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Nature Tattoo
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Americans & Italians Swap Snacks
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Adults Eat A High School Lunch
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Private Investigator Guesses Who's Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 2
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$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos
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Never Have I Ever: Stand-Up Comedy
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Millennial Italians Try American Pizza
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Kevin & Jackie Unbox A Fancy Drawing Monitor
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We Tried The Wildest Self-Defense Techniques • Ultimate Bucket List
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Couples Reveal The Craziest Place They’ve Hooked Up
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Japanese Vs. NY Cheesecake
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Teens Play Would You Rather: Social Media
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People Guess Which Pizza Is Cheap Vs. Expensive
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Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide My Haircut
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Tattoo Artist Vs. Tattoo Artist: Lyric Tattoo
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Americans & Israelis Swap Snacks
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Couples Reveal The Dumbest Fights They Ever Had
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Private Investigator Guesses Who's Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 1
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$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito
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Starbucks Employees Play Never Have I Ever
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I Only Ate Yellow Foods For 24 Hours
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I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week
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We Transformed Ourselves Into Mermaids • Ultimate Bucket List
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I Tried To Make Zero Trash At My Birthday Party
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Blind Taste Test: Apple vs Onion
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Japanese Millennials Try Drugstore Sushi
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We Draw Your Profile Pictures • Live Stream
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We Tried Fast Food Popsicles
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I Accidentally Ended Up In Travis Scott's Song
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Southern USA Vs. Korean Barbecue
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People Guess Which Burger Is Cheap Vs. Expensive
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Which European Language Is The Sexiest?
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Tattoo Artist Vs. Painter: Body Paint Challenge
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    This make me want coffee

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    They did may better than I could’ve ever done 😭

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    Wait i thought the chicken and biscuits thing was cute Also this chick was mean about the whole tinder thing, and i think she was way to picky about it.

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    Without even SEEING the vid. NO. Nobody said that you have to compromise so much that you always end up at McDonalds but if you pay that much for a burger, you are a sucker. 100%, there is no discussion.

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    unsolicited opinion: Filipinos loves chips.

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    i'm here for the shady comments

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    "well we did it"... Yeah you did 😉 😂

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    black cooks try others favorite thanksgiving snack!

    GLOPPIN BOOPIN 4 मिनट पहले

    I look in the comments and one thing that really ticks me off is that most of you Americans don't seem to be aware that England and Britain are two different things

  • Super girl ,
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    but the real question is why is their a camera in the bathroom?

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    Only one is from the south. And not even the deep south

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    Hands down I rather hang out with Oscar and Chloe! They were positive and fun throughout the whole experiment. Tom and Julie were pretty negative throughout. Especially Tom. What a downer! You're making British people look snooty and close-minded, but good thing they have Chloe to prove otherwise😁

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    Thanks for teaching me NSF 👍

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    Mexican vs Peruvian vs Ecuadorian ceviche test

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    In the end we are all Africans.

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    I wanna do this with someone looks really fun

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    After Donna gave them all 6’s she get a 3 that’s messed up

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    I think the realest one was Donna, she was being honest but the rest were being very discouraging.

  • Percy Jackson
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    As a 13 yr old living in the U.K.. I am not ashamed to admit that I honestly don't know some of them.

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    The Heirs is such a great show!!!

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    The USSR joke was honestly not funny and kind of offensive

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    Why does your map not have Kosovo? America recognizes the country. Also where is Georgia wtf. The more I examine the worse it gets who made this map lmaoo there’s a country next to Poland that doesn’t even exist

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    "they already know you can do it" That's so supportive, I love it💛

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    YAAAAAS!!! Beat duo Andrew and Steven and the Holy Ghost Adam.

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    That drawing blood thing 😂 when it was our first week in med school, in the physiology lab the demo said to draw each others blood, and we were all like WTH are you crazy, how can we do THAT! ( yeah well I know I am in medical school but be honest who isn't afraid of needles! 😅) and the girl that drew my blood, she punctured my vessel so many times it left large purple BRUISES! 😖 and at that moment I was like I am here so that one day I can help the patients but before that I think I'll become one😅😂

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    I eat like the healthy girl and yet I’m still fat. love that for me

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    the rudest person always gets the lowest score and i love it lmao

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    i thought it was the actor from dexter..??

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    Forgiveness isn’t about giving the other person peace. Its about giving yourself peace. Powerful indeed.

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    I wish they could've done different parts of the United Kingdom, to test if they knew Scotland and Wales. Not much people know about the Welsh.

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    This hurts to watch

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    donna was so nice tho

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    The relaxing thing about this is that if America ever decides to bomb Europe they are not going to now where

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    2:06 Hey we saw u, u did the FACE again ......btw ITS FINE ITS FINE🙂🙂

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    3 cheers for self advocacy!!!

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    Im British and I could only name, the uk, spain and france so they did AMAZING in my books!!!!!!!!!

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    omg, this is really embarrassing... guys...I promise we do learn basic world geography but after high school pretty much everyone forgets it because we don't use it in general every day life.

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    That's not funny, that's just sad...

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    This looks old. Is it a reupload ?

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    not trying to be rude but no way i am eating that indian food from hand of worker like that . no disrespect to indian people

  • Samantha Hall
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    Starbucks specifically has a system for the display food - you never serve the displayed hot sandwiches, but all the pastries/cookies and stuff are dated so you know if they're still fresh and can still sell them to customers when you run out of the pastries behind the case. Anything that expires at the end of the night is thrown out or donated - no one should worry about the quality of the display food.

  • Petzi _
    Petzi _ 29 मिनट पहले

    They did better than I thought, but treating eastern Europe like that hurt. And for the record as someone who is from the Balkans, writing Serbia over Albania is going to offend a lot of people (Not me personally, I am Serbian, and I don´t have anything against Albania).

  • action298
    action298 29 मिनट पहले

    New countries.... fking USA got like 300 years only...

  • 조성민
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    Mochi is Japanese word correct is Tteok 떡

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    Nobody: All of them: Potataa Salad 😂

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    That lady who cant taste needs to stop smoking

  • Love Yourself
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    I can't stand when they spit out the food. It's so rude. 😒

  • Tessa Gray
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    I am in my freshman year in med school and it's crazy!!! 😅 I mean I also was shocked that I have to learn how to talk to the patient and when breaking a bad news at which angle I have to place the seat and all plus even the posture of my hands!! Like I am not a robot or something The short hair girl was right, it's so hard to keep yourself motivated cause study load keeps on coming like a flood if I didn't had amazingly crazy friends in that place I would have probably dropped out of the med school by now But it's not that bad, the clinical side is really amazing, I know about that cadaver head thing, it way too weird and gross but it's also the exciting at the same time😍 So Med school is like that, it's the hardest but still the best part of life, and I wish to become a doctor who could really help others Wish me luck 😀

  • monique krystal
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    mom is soooo cute

  • mendesgirl 888
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    2:19 thats a big piece???? Dude, i eat a strawberry in one bite😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Does anyone else feeling uncomfortable watching this ?🥺 they all are rude as hell 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    i like my potatoe salad yellow

  • Jitka Blasch
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    Such dumbos they think Austria is Czech Republic my country

  • Patrick Smits
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    It's actually better than David guetta.

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    I’m gonna find a man who will look at me like how Andrew looks at Steven at 01:52

  • Nihilism16
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    Why don't Asian compilations ever have Pakistan

  • Donut Kiddo
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    Day 99: Cassandra can't still taste the sugar, cinnamon and n.