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IKEA Employees Play Never Have I Ever
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Meal Swap: Polish Vs. Taiwanese Dumplings
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Non-Sneakerheads Guess Sneaker Prices
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We Didn't Let Anyone Touch Us For A Day
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I Tried 3 Pregnancy Meal Plans
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I Try Getting A Date In A Fedora
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People Play Musical Dares To Win $150
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Single Women Pick Dates Based On Their Cooking
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Will She Choose To Date A Greek Model Or Her Coworker?
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Retail Employees Tell Black Friday Horror Stories
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Steven Reacts To Andrew’s Favorite 'Worth It' Episode
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Fast Food Employees Review Each Other's Fries
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Bald Man Tries Semi-Permanent Hair Piece
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Drama Teachers Play Never Have I Ever
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Koreans Try To Guess Their Moms’ Kimchi
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How To Deal With The Friend Zone
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A Survivalist Explains How To Survive In The Woods
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Cheap vs Expensive: Hot Dogs
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I Made A $170 Fruit Sandwich
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A Pregnant Woman Answers Your Top Pregnancy Questions
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Andrew Reacts To Steven's Favorite 'Worth It' Episode
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People Play Musical Dares
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Canadian and French People Swap Snacks
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A Day In High School: South Korea Vs. USA
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$2 Street Food In Japan
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Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving Leftovers Challenge
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I Made My Family Eat My Weird Pregnancy Cravings
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Korean and Mexican People Swap Snacks
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I Tried To Make A Zero Waste Meal From The Dollar Store
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Fast Food Employees Rate Each Other's Chicken Sandwiches
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People Play Musical Chairs For $150
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Drama Teachers Share Their Horror Stories
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Kevin & Jackie Draw Subscriber Suggestions
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Traveling To 7 Countries In 7 Days For $524
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Subway Employee Matches People To Their Subway Order
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What I Eat Each Trimester of Pregnancy
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American and French People Swap Cheeses
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I Bought Something Off Of The Dark Web
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People Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Burritos
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Letting The Person In Front of Us Plan Our Vacation
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Crushes Get Handcuffed For 24-Hours
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Gym Employees Horror Stories
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Dialect Coach Guesses Who's Faking An English Accent Out Of A Lineup
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IKEA Employees Vs Dads: Furniture Building Challenge
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Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Subscriber Suggestions
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Barista Matches Coffee Orders To People
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I Only Ate Pink Foods For 24 Hours
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Korean & British People Swap Snacks
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Regular People Train Like Medieval Knights For A Day
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People Try Taco Bell For The First Time
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Clowns Reveal Their Horror Stories
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Professional Chefs Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Steaks
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Astrologers Guess People's Zodiac Signs Out Of A Lineup • Part 2
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Gourmet Chefs Compete To Make Frozen Dinners Super Fancy
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Would You Eat This For $150? | Musical Dares
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Day In The Life Of A Viral TikTok Star Ft. Baby Ariel
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The Long Island Medium Contacted Our Dead Relatives
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Mofongo Vs. Oxtail: Which Latin Comfort Food Is Best?
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Eating An 8-Course Boba Meal
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$3 Chicken Vs. $62 Chicken • Taiwan
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Clowns Compete To Make The Best Balloon Animals
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Kids Try Iconic 90s Candy For The First Time
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I Took My Mom On A European Vacation
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Starbucks Employees Guess How to Spell Customers' Names
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Chefs Guess Cheap vs. Expensive Mac and Cheeses
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We Tried The $10 Zero-Waste Meal Challenge
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Competitive People Try Solving A Brain Twisting Puzzle
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People Try Chick-Fil-A For the First Time
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We Ate Like NFL Players For A Day
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Clown Guesses Who's The Real Clown Out Of A Lineup
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I Learned To Juggle A Soccer Ball
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People Eat John Legend's Postmates Orders For A Day
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Pro Vs. Amateur Inflatable Costume Dance Contest • Part 2
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Professional Chefs Play Never Have I Ever
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$3.50 Soup Vs. $29 Soup • Taiwan
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We Mixed Every Cake Mix Together
दृश्य 724Kमहीने पहले


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    This is an old video, and it may be because I am craving chicken myself right now, but I fundamentally disagree with the lady that the chicken and biscuits would make you lose points. Unless you don't like meat at all, chicken is always correct.

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    Clearly our indian food is non hygienic 🤣

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    @12.5 my brains exploding but @14.5 life’s good.

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    I love how they’re using prices from 2018

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    What no one thought: Absolutely no one Wendy’s girl:I would finish the whole sandwich

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    can we just appreciate the fact that currently this video has 69k likes

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    Spawn is a whole prostitute 😂

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    I thought It was boy George.

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    And you look a lot younger!

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    The McDonald’s girl talking about not enough salt on the chick flia fries when McDonald’s fries have a lot of salt

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    So much better and more modern!!!

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    they really went out and found the worst vegan mac and cheese they could find huh lmao

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    I eat vegan food even though I’m not vegan only because I’m allergic to egg and milk

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    Nigerian mothers try other nigerian mothers Jollof rice the drama will start

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    Am I the only millennial that takes horrible offense to the term "OK Boomer"? Like this is the most disrespectful phrase and only plays into the stereotype of millennials being entitled and judgmental ass holes

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    The KFC guy is filled with joy no cap

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    my dad is native and he makes the best bbq ever

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    Wait what?! What do they scrape my vag with??

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    I’ve been studying the Devil’s Bible. Very insightful book.

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    This is the exact reason why I’m getting a surrogate if I have children

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    Fun drinking game: take a shot every time he says "ok Boomer"

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    Wendy: WTF is this trash : Chick-fil-A this is the best sh*t I’ve Ever head

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    Kaiya radiates lesbian energy and i stan

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    ok so someone stole her car. police found it and told her to search it herself. she found a knife, used condoms, and weed in it. and they just told her to toss it and closed the case. and she's super chill and just like "i'm moving on"?? wow i'm so glad that wasn't me i'd be p i s s e d

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    the vibe between the guys was awesome lol

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    There was something about that girl that you annoyed me

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    Let me just say, 11 minutes in and all the boomer has done is criticize and judge the millennial. The younger one was kind and didn’t say anything rude about his generation.

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    December 2019 anyone? 🎄☃️

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    Why are they allowed to call MAC & CHEESE if it's Vegan???

    • Lackadaisical
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      Bob Denk because it’s an iconic dish and there’s nothing like it, and people can veganize it very well while making it taste like cheese

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    Their Indian food is actually not bad

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    Can You Do Canadian Snacks Please Not USA Or Uk I Hate UK And USA Ok Please

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    I couldn't yawn, cuz I'm cool

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    I know it’s mean but Michelle has been getting so much on my nerves in different videos that I had a moment of appreciation when she started eating her napkin

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    I kinda think it's sweet when guys are confused on fashion. It's so much fun when they are open to try new pieces

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    They have creamier vegan mac and cheeses. Daiya makes a great one! My friend makes great homemade one and I'm having some tonight!

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    I would like to point out a contradiction. Roy said that millennials are spontaneous and only care about short term issues and thus lack planning.But he refuses to care about climate change which has long term consequences and believes that there are more important short term issues to worry about?

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    Points to Finland Me: Crying Says Netherlands Me: Crying about 20x harder

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    Anyone else hate the Wendy’s girl? 👇🏽

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    This video is triggering me

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    I honestly want to punch the guy in the stripped shirt he is being so mean and offensive to other culture and he is always judging the food dude just eat the food and not be so mean😡