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A Very Strange Smartphone Attachment...
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Is There A New Best Laptop 2019?
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My New Channel
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The Zenfone 6 Has A Crazy Camera Trick
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OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN
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Apple Powerbeats Pro Unboxing - Better Than AirPods?
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Google Pixel 3a Unboxing
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You Guys Asked For Strange Gadgets...
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Black Apple AirPods 2 FINALLY!
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I'm Going Back To iPhone.
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Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Fold...
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The Most Luxurious Business Phone
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This Thing Really Surprised Me...
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Samsung Galaxy Fold - What About Cases?
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Folding The Samsung Galaxy Fold One Thousand Times
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Gaming On The Samsung Galaxy Fold
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Samsung Galaxy Fold vs Flagship Smartphones
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing
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The Best Smartphone Deal Right Now.
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This Tiny Brick Can Power All Your Tech
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A Portable Arcade For The Super Wealthy
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The Other Hole-Punch Smartphone...
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I found a great Apple AirPower alternative...
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I'm switching to the Huawei P30 Pro
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The iPad Pro Keyboard Apple Should've Made
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The Galaxy Note 10 Secret Selfie Camera
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AirPods 2 vs AirPods 1 -- Do They Sound Different?
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iPhone 11 Leak Exposes Design Change
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Apple AirPower Officially CANCELLED
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The Most Futuristic Flexible Display Phone
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Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro - Which Is The Better Deal?
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Galaxy S10 Hole-Punch Special Functionality
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Huawei P30 Pro Unboxing - Is The Galaxy S10 In Trouble?
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Apple's New Money Making Scheme
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The Microsoft Xbox Stadia
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Huawei P30 Pro - Does It Defeat The Galaxy S10?
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review - 3 Weeks Later
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AirPods 2 - Are They Worth The Upgrade?
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Galaxy Fold - NEW Footage Shows Crease 💀
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Google Stadia Is Here. Is Xbox Doomed?
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Uh Oh Google...
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Samsung Galaxy Buds VS. Apple AirPods
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This Folding Phone Is Different...
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The Google Pixel 4 Is Coming...
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick
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The Most Expensive Phone I'll Never Use...
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My Apple AirPods Confession
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The Futuristic No-Button, No-Port Smartphone
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Samsung Galaxy Fold - NEW Hands On Footage
दृश्य 1 949 1302 महीने पहले
Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops.
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Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold - Which Is Best?
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Unlock Hack (WARNING)
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This is the OnePlus 7
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Show Me Your Smartphone | Peter McKinnon
दृश्य 859 3982 महीने पहले
Do You Need A Smartphone Laptop?
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5 Unexpectedly Cool Gadgets Under $30
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The Weight Of This Laptop Will Break Your Brain.
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Apex Legends on an INSANE $12,000 Gaming PC
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I'm Switching To The Galaxy S10...
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This Gadget Does What?
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Can You Guess The Smartphone Notch?
दृश्य 921 1802 महीने पहले
You NEED This Simple $50 Gadget
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Behold The $2000 Samsung Galaxy Fold
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Is The Galaxy S10e The Best Galaxy S10?
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Samsung Galaxy S10 - Is This The One?
दृश्य 4 636 0183 महीने पहले
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands On
दृश्य 10 254 8853 महीने पहले
The New Notch-Less Smartphone
दृश्य 2 098 5633 महीने पहले
The Half-Price AirPods Alternative
दृश्य 1 277 4593 महीने पहले
Unboxing a pizza
दृश्य 1 963 5293 महीने पहले
Should This Gadget Even Exist?
दृश्य 1 150 1113 महीने पहले
This Is The Worst Smartphone.
दृश्य 3 221 7273 महीने पहले
Razer Actually Made A Pink Laptop...
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The Best Selling 4K TV On Amazon...
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The Futuristic Bone Conduction Sunglasses
दृश्य 1 211 2843 महीने पहले
The Weirdest Gadget On Amazon...
दृश्य 1 410 8083 महीने पहले
The World's Thinnest Mechanical Keyboard
दृश्य 1 175 3673 महीने पहले
Nike Adapt BB Unboxing - Futuristic Self Lacing Sneakers
दृश्य 2 922 3573 महीने पहले
They Call It An Invisible Laptop Stand... 🤔
दृश्य 1 408 8673 महीने पहले
The Most Insane $40,000 Gaming Setup
दृश्य 1 324 2713 महीने पहले
Galaxy S10 Pricing Revealed - This could be a problem.
दृश्य 1 601 8993 महीने पहले
Unboxing The $1300 Bluetooth Speaker
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Dave2D Says Don't Buy These Laptops
दृश्य 1 071 9853 महीने पहले
Lose Weight Without Exercise
दृश्य 1 534 4373 महीने पहले
OnePlus Beats iPhone In India
दृश्य 1 378 1313 महीने पहले
The Flashiest Smartphone Ever...
दृश्य 1 555 9013 महीने पहले
Don't Make This AirPods Mistake...
दृश्य 1 638 4263 महीने पहले
The Best Selling Wireless Speaker On Amazon
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Your iPhone Has Been Compromised.
दृश्य 1 291 7223 महीने पहले
Is This Laptop Too "Extreme"?
दृश्य 1 820 7783 महीने पहले
MKBHD Picks The Best Smartphone Camera
दृश्य 1 399 7403 महीने पहले
Check Out The Back Of This Smartphone
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The iPhone XI Smartphone Powered Laptop
दृश्य 1 418 3124 महीने पहले
The Top Wireless Earbuds On Amazon Are Only $17
दृश्य 2 548 0904 महीने पहले
Does MKBHD Like The Xiaomi Folding Phone?
दृश्य 3 140 0314 महीने पहले
You Guys Asked For Weird Gadgets...
दृश्य 2 433 3034 महीने पहले
The World's Smallest Bluetooth Speaker
दृश्य 1 458 7524 महीने पहले
It's The Best Selling Smartphone On Amazon... But Why?
दृश्य 3 087 7834 महीने पहले
I'm Switching To The OnePlus 6T...
दृश्य 2 618 7084 महीने पहले
Is The iPhone Smart Battery Case Worth The Price?
दृश्य 1 654 3644 महीने पहले
I've got some bad news.
दृश्य 2 794 8254 महीने पहले


  • tattdup1
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    Song list please.

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    Wtf yt?? In the middle of the video yt recommended thus exact same video in my notifications?? Like wtf yt??

    LEGENDARY SDW 11 12 मिनट पहले

    Y'all hating on my sexy note 8

    DEQUAVIS RAYQUAZZA 13 मिनट पहले

    IS THIS THE 5th or 6th gen

    DEQUAVIS RAYQUAZZA 13 मिनट पहले

    IS THIS THE 5th or 6th gen

    DEQUAVIS RAYQUAZZA 13 मिनट पहले

    IS THIS THE 5th or 6th gen

    DEQUAVIS RAYQUAZZA 13 मिनट पहले

    IS THIS THE 5th or 6th gen

  • Blue
    Blue 15 मिनट पहले

    what kind of watch he wearing at? I'm curious.

  • kemmo kemmo
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    welcome to the poco club

  • Brian Shone
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    Can you stll use an huawei in 2019 26 may??

  • FioletPL
    FioletPL 17 मिनट पहले

    Why doesn't anyone mention a serious problem with too quiet sound on videos? Whenever I try to play video files recorded on my P30 back on any other device, that is a PC or another smartphone, their sound level is very low, despite the volume turned up to 100%. Anyone else experienced that? The mics are working OK, it's just the sound level of the recording that's terrible.

  • WLG
    WLG 18 मिनट पहले

    I want Procreate to make a drawing tablet.

  • Petar Pavlović
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    Yo when he said high school I went oooooooOOOOOOO with him

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    took a while to get it because my mom is selfish

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    i love it

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    Hopefully a bit of software tweaking might make it more secure

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    How to get this black version??

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    Funny, says can’t watch 1080 on IN-plus on Xr. Switches to 1080. Currently watching in 1080 on Xr.

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    4 dollars?? Do you think we're made of money??

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    that link is absolute bull shit

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    Completely neglected the cases that come with it...

  • Yejoon Yang
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    They don't have have pixels on them

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    Better than JBL boombox?

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  • Nick h
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    1900$?? Sheesh. That’s so much. I would actually switch from iOS to this, but the price is gonna have to drop.

  • Mr. Humongous
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    And what about the SIM kard tray?

  • RainyShiba ツ
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    Weird flex but ok.....

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    I'd rather just have a good BT speaker. An carry it in a backpack or whatever.

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    I think this is the phone i'am going to buy for business.

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    2:17 that’s what she said.

  • zphs anupalli padmaja HEAD MASTER
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    Imagine u r at a party, and have four of these at 4 corners of the room U r in Heaven...

  • jhan caberte
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    I'm curious, does it have a built-in sim card?

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    I just watched your first video 😊

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    Best gadget for cheating in exams.

  • Arnold Corriette
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    My phone never did this all u did this especially to make a bad review video

  • Vishnu mk
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    I was here check your improvement,I was shocked

    ZACKLEONHD TV 56 मिनट पहले

    Front facing cam could be integrated into screen possibly who knows lew..

    ZACKLEONHD TV 57 मिनट पहले

    I wonder what's the IP rating

  • Bren Webster
    Bren Webster 58 मिनट पहले

    "Everyone's obsessed with the highest possible resolution for their TV's...yet everyone still walks around with those terrible-quality white ipod "earbuds" - Trent Reznor

  • Alen Jiyan
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    Pocophone 2🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

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    3:11 poir pizza

  • Myk Dubz
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    I unfollowed today as I don't like extreme self-staging and loud shouting like every 5 seconds for no reason and completely without any timing. It just is something that gets on my nerves very quickly and I have the feeling I'm watching a man with a narcissistic personality disorder go wild in EVERY episode. Sorry, not my cup of tea. Maybe we Germans need it with a bit more coolness and straight forward factor.

    HARDY MUSIC घंटे पहले

    Tech nigga

  • Everest
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    Selling a brand new V30+ 128gb Unlocked with the best 5 cases & tempered Glass (Worth $125) out of 13 cases I've tried, on Swappa & soon eBay. 100% seller Feedback. $365 price. There's isn't a lower price for what it is. The V30 phone is prone to many minor bugs especially when buying Used. I experienced it on my own brand new V30 & heard so from others, so I would highly suggest buying brand new. All T-Mobile users should buy the T-Mobile V30 since it's the only model with B71 (600mhz).

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    honestly nice concept 👌🏼

  • Mr Foxx
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    This is still the best video on IN-plus. The avengers of the tech world.

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    See that Apple this is how a phone should look like

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    Better keyboard than a MacBook

  • tevinwong
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    Great review! Can you help compare the call quality between AirPods 2? Which one is better quality in calling ? Thanks and look forward!

  • Gleamingstory 799
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    Well I am from the future

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    Please make a video on Asus Zenfone max pro m1.

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    12:55 'maybe we wish he retired earlier' WHWHHAWHAW

  • My Gangster
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    you bought a gold plated phone. it should of came with at least regular airpods

  • swamy palani
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    This is like getting a Xbox for Christmas and opening it to find books inside the box.

  • Kashif Khan
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    Resources are waste in this thing! for Example: This thing do have 2 gtx 1080 slis That should give fps of 150+ But display is of 120 Hz so all fps above 120 are waste! 😂 just an example and many more are there!

  • thami dave panares
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    If you play old town road with that... it will change to cowboi boots

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    I hate this guy

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    Can you game with it

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    Why no stilleto and butterfly and why no SHADOW DAGGERS

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  • Ethan Tho
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    At first I thought it was an extra charger for the world's biggest pockets. Then I realised it's a speaker for the world's biggest bag

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    Google phones nd review too good sir

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    a man like you doesnt praise a shit like this thing unless you are paid morooooooooooon

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    I personally prefer the flip camera rather than a hole-punch or notch.

  • Nick Deniega
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    If you wanna buy the Samsung phones, Skip the galaxy note model, My Huawei P30 pro is the answer for that hehehe

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    Can i get one please :)

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    I watched this video in my huawei

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    Superb video sir

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    Using a T61 to watch this. Built like a tank and great keyboard, lol

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    haha here have a 500mb download and upload once i tested 450mb wifi on my phone on the 5g network from netgear router

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    Try bose soundlink colour pls!!

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    I don't know why we call this phone fot "One Plus 7" .. Call for 8 Pro...

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    looks good

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    Doing drugs on set

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    The language is Telugu from India !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It spell something like"gnaaa"

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    Where can I buy this I've just about saved up enough

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    non retarded and unbiased review

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    so his channel is for rich faggots

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    I wouldn't have the patience for all that! 😂

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    with the music and eveyyhing the end was so epic

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    Vivo v9

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  • i.am.zee
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  • i.am.zee
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    Please unbox HP Spectre Folio

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    Just got this speaker. Its so handy you can bring it easily anywhere. Pretty much just the same size as a phone. Sound quality is good also.

  • i.am.zee
    i.am.zee 2 घंटे पहले

    Hey lew, plz unbox HP Spectre Folio.

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    What is better for video editing Lenovo or MacBook Pro