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Mehak on The Holiday | Adah Sharma | Coming Soon | The Zoom Studios
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When did you say, "I Love You Mom"?
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  • bhavika sharma
    bhavika sharma 48 मिनट पहले

    Mauritius mein sari kaha se aayi

  • Daniela Viegas
    Daniela Viegas 12 घंटे पहले

    Loved this series a LOT ! <3 And most of all loved how Priyank referred Portugal :D I've become a big fan of this amazing journey, loved the cast soo much!! Cheers from Portugal!!

  • Nikita Verma
    Nikita Verma 17 घंटे पहले

    The conversation between Kabir and his boss❤❤❤

  • ankit nagdeve
    ankit nagdeve 18 घंटे पहले

    loved all the episodes... Keep making looking forward for season 2.....

  • Akshat Agarwal
    Akshat Agarwal 19 घंटे पहले

    Best series on true friendship!👏

  • Shruti
    Shruti 19 घंटे पहले

    7:49 she collects the glasses 8:09 they re appear

  • The Computer Lab Web Series
    The Computer Lab Web Series 20 घंटे पहले

    What a great series! Very inspirational for indie filmmakers, in particular. We just dropped the first season of our SCI FI web series.

  • Tanishka Bhalerao
    Tanishka Bhalerao दिन पहले

    It's the best 👍💯

  • Vallari Thakur
    Vallari Thakur दिन पहले

    Mehak,you damn lucky gal.

  • Manu Mathur
    Manu Mathur दिन पहले

    Awaiting for the next season #2. Kindly shoot it soon and share it with us...

  • Abhay Sharma
    Abhay Sharma दिन पहले

    Patrick hugg .....really that was d moment I literally cried

  • star ***
    star *** दिन पहले

    Kabir ❣️❣️

  • Ashar Nizami
    Ashar Nizami दिन पहले

    Plz have a season 2 also mam this is sooooooo inspiring

  • Wwe Dhamaka
    Wwe Dhamaka दिन पहले


  • Tayyab Gopang
    Tayyab Gopang दिन पहले

    Want season 2

  • Swastika Shetty
    Swastika Shetty दिन पहले

    Just armaan did the good thing at last but feel bad for him

  • Swastika Shetty
    Swastika Shetty दिन पहले

    Amazing one I have watched school friendship is really best☺

  • Chaitri S
    Chaitri S 2 दिन पहले

    Patrick is so childish & irritating 😡

  • Late Night Poet
    Late Night Poet 2 दिन पहले

    I think Patrick ka corrector A-cash Dadlani se inspired hh ( BB11 ) 😂😂

  • Soumik Roy
    Soumik Roy 2 दिन पहले

    Bohot mushkil she milte he yaar aise dost. It's very much lucky to have these type of friends. Sabhko nashib nhi hota he

  • star ***
    star *** 2 दिन पहले


  • Kripa Elzabeth George
    Kripa Elzabeth George 2 दिन पहले

    Loved this series... Waiting for such innocent web series.. Pls release more like this that students can watch... Pleaseee

  • Gaz
    Gaz 2 दिन पहले


  • Shivani Dudhe
    Shivani Dudhe 2 दिन पहले

    Send lirics

  • md hidayath ali awais
    md hidayath ali awais 2 दिन पहले

    Love the character of Hyderabadi guy 😂😂😂

  • Deepanjan Ghosh
    Deepanjan Ghosh 2 दिन पहले

    This episode was funny

  • Innoxent Osama
    Innoxent Osama 3 दिन पहले

    Patrick and kabir's bond just had tears in my eyes loved it

  • Jain Sanskar
    Jain Sanskar 3 दिन पहले

    Entertaining level of this web series~ After watching all episodes I came here to comment n unknowingly I started watching it again... super entertaining.. & realxing..👌👌

  • Jain Sanskar
    Jain Sanskar 3 दिन पहले

    All four did a great job.. But it was Patrick's time.. 😀😉 He did his funny character in a mind blowing way.. & offcourse the girls were outstanding not just in looks, but definitely in their roles.. Overall a awesome realistic creation..👌👌 Waiting for more from u... @VeerRajwantSingh

  • Ravina Gill
    Ravina Gill 3 दिन पहले

    The dialogues of her fictional character are just lit😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pari Rauthan
    Pari Rauthan 3 दिन पहले

    Luv your expressions isha . Luv the series. Waiting for season 2😍😍😍

  • Vishal Sheopran
    Vishal Sheopran 3 दिन पहले

    Ek dum bakwash . English bolni hma bhi aatey hai lekin ye bakwash hm se Nahi Hoti. Jo meri baat se sehmt hai comment karey

  • Has Tag Crovry
    Has Tag Crovry 3 दिन पहले

    What an amazing series ...loved every single part of this series 💕💕💕💕 Kudos to your team man 🤘🤘

  • Dubbing Sensation
    Dubbing Sensation 3 दिन पहले

    Isme agar veer rajwant singh hota toh jyada accha lagta Aayush bhi aacha hai Par veer se jyada maturity aata

  • Niyati Singhal
    Niyati Singhal 3 दिन पहले

    Okhzz so finally🙂... I've finished watching it in two days only😌.... #TheReunion and #TheHoliday are some of my favourite web series ever😍😚.... And of course #VeerRajwantSingh is my fav😍... His role as G and now as Kabir was marvellous😘... He killed it 🔥🔥.... He is so cute and adorable...😍❤... Also loved the web series❤... Want more like these... 😜

  • Sk liza
    Sk liza 3 दिन पहले

    I see this after 10 month bt I am really sad because why I don't see it 10 month before . Love you all🥰🥰.😚. Best web series

  • Rosily Gervasis
    Rosily Gervasis 3 दिन पहले

    I think Dave is over reacting to everything........give some freedom to dev naa

  • Lokesh Lolljee
    Lokesh Lolljee 4 दिन पहले


  • Aishwarya Mazumder
    Aishwarya Mazumder 4 दिन पहले

    I don't know why bt am not getting the reunion vibe 😴

  • Hank Rogers
    Hank Rogers 4 दिन पहले

    That's called a gangbang.

  • Smriti Strives
    Smriti Strives 4 दिन पहले

    I love it.....

  • Pooja Prethviraj
    Pooja Prethviraj 4 दिन पहले

    Loved ths❤️❤️

  • Pratibha Sharma
    Pratibha Sharma 4 दिन पहले

    Hey greetings from Shimla 😊💓

  • Dhanuk boy gopal
    Dhanuk boy gopal 4 दिन पहले

    Aisi or series k name h kisi k paas

  • Yuvraj Asthana
    Yuvraj Asthana 5 दिन पहले

    honestly this is nice

  • Muskan Mehra
    Muskan Mehra 5 दिन पहले

    I watched all the episodes of this series.. and trust me its so good..and refreshing...and all the four actors...they nailed it...loved each one of them...good work guys.....keep it up!

  • SIA Indore
    SIA Indore 5 दिन पहले

    Such lovely series.... love it 😘

  • mohan Shinde
    mohan Shinde 5 दिन पहले

    Guysss.. impressive work yaar. I like your story presentation. And the thing for me.. I'm learning english from you guys..shuuuh for this...i mean that reach wala english... by the way, Everyone working perfectly..Go on guys.. isha looks beautiful.. nice...Best of luck you guys..

  • Durga Dhruw
    Durga Dhruw 5 दिन पहले

    Dukh ki baat h ki itne superb series ka view 1 million h .it deserve over 10 million

  • Rashmi Maurya
    Rashmi Maurya 5 दिन पहले

    commando 3 ki Jaan h mehak

  • roaman casanova
    roaman casanova 5 दिन पहले

    Neelima Azeem?????

  • Gautami Rajpurohit
    Gautami Rajpurohit 5 दिन पहले

    I used to listen dis everytym whenever i open utube . Iska s2 aana chaiye

  • Sassthing
    Sassthing 5 दिन पहले

    I am not happy either 🙄

  • Komal Agarwal
    Komal Agarwal 5 दिन पहले

    This series is just amazing 😍

  • Dipendra Brahma
    Dipendra Brahma 6 दिन पहले

    Loved every episodes! Loved the lead castings. I watched all the episodes in a single go ♥️♥️❣️❣️❣️

  • Babar Yaseen
    Babar Yaseen 6 दिन पहले

    Indian over acting nation😏

  • Shyammy Vishu
    Shyammy Vishu 6 दिन पहले

    Hello.Can anyone please tell me how is Sudhir related to the mum. Thanks

  • Capital Gamers
    Capital Gamers 6 दिन पहले

    He is true actor He deserves more than this e.g. bollywood

  • Garima Agarwal
    Garima Agarwal 6 दिन पहले

    Hum cahe kitna hi muh bana le but it's true bitter but true hum mom dad ko for granted le lete hai.

  • Orion on me
    Orion on me 7 दिन पहले


    AYESHA ALI 7 दिन पहले

    Awesome.....i need reunion for my skool toooo

  • Imagination Films
    Imagination Films 7 दिन पहले nakul dev.....i have a web series can i cont u guyz so that i can pitch my script My no.9720227161

  • Shreya Bist
    Shreya Bist 8 दिन पहले

    plz upload the episodes of coldd lassi aur chicken masala

  • Onirban1637
    Onirban1637 8 दिन पहले

    Is there any episode where adhah wears a Bikini? Love her!

  • sagar mishra
    sagar mishra 9 दिन पहले

    best series i ever seen thank you guys its really touch my heart thxs one again

  • Akanksha Daithankar
    Akanksha Daithankar 9 दिन पहले

    Batata 🥔 ..

  • Rojina Tako
    Rojina Tako 9 दिन पहले

    Siddharth 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Entertainment House
    Entertainment House 9 दिन पहले

    Season 2????

  • Entertainment House
    Entertainment House 9 दिन पहले

    When season 2 is coming???

  • Entertainment House
    Entertainment House 9 दिन पहले

    Season 2 kab aayega

  • Vasant Joseph
    Vasant Joseph 9 दिन पहले

    Really good series with lot of good life advices...

  • Namdeo Realty
    Namdeo Realty 9 दिन पहले

  • Neha Borgikar
    Neha Borgikar 9 दिन पहले

    Which song is that??

  • Ketaki  Bane
    Ketaki Bane 9 दिन पहले

    The last song was😍😍

  • Anvi Alamin
    Anvi Alamin 10 दिन पहले

    Ragini mms 2 lolololol Divya and varun👎👎👎👎

  • Alefiya Arif
    Alefiya Arif 10 दिन पहले

    That was f***kng gud series....i loved it....each and every character.....who cried in the last....i did...

  • akmal you tube
    akmal you tube 10 दिन पहले

    saalo itna kamate ho full kapde pehan ne me kya jara saalo angrez ki aulaad asli Indian bano kutto😒

  • Sushant Singh
    Sushant Singh 10 दिन पहले

    Gaurav is wearing wrong ka t shirt @viratkholi #virat

  • makarand mane
    makarand mane 11 दिन पहले

    Great yaar

  • A Rahman
    A Rahman 11 दिन पहले

    Watched all the episodes in one sitting! Where is season two?

  • Sadia Omi
    Sadia Omi 11 दिन पहले

    Ok diva is right arya was selfish that time

  • A Rahman
    A Rahman 11 दिन पहले

    So addicting!

  • Vatsal Bhardwaj
    Vatsal Bhardwaj 11 दिन पहले

    First of all a big thumbs down to all those who disliked the video like really have you felt no connection while watching this series. There is little drama that is present in our daily lives. Some emotional moments that cannot be defined but is already present in between us. This series made you understand that understanding is more important that being rude or adamant doesn't help. There should be mental connection. And most importantly without sacrificing something you cannot get things what you want that's true . Not as to follow your passion. In any age passion is more important than anything. Great work.

  • S Gajjar
    S Gajjar 11 दिन पहले

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  • Sandeep Kaur
    Sandeep Kaur 11 दिन पहले

    I can completely understand the equation between deva and arya 😓

  • Parth Ganeshrao Dhakne
    Parth Ganeshrao Dhakne 12 दिन पहले

    Ita fabulous😋✨

  • Nirmal Sharma
    Nirmal Sharma 12 दिन पहले

    Heart got melted ❤

  • Pamela
    Pamela 12 दिन पहले

    Omg G😭😭 fuck .. I didn't see this coming 😭

  • Gargi Agarwal
    Gargi Agarwal 12 दिन पहले

    Awsssoommmmm series 😍😍😍... I just loved it...THE BEST 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Gargi Agarwal
    Gargi Agarwal 12 दिन पहले

    Looks and acting of each and every character 😍😍😍...U guys nailed it😘😘😘😘😘

  • khushboo chowhan
    khushboo chowhan 12 दिन पहले

    Lovely series

  • Deeksha Khare
    Deeksha Khare 12 दिन पहले

    These actors are acting much more lovely than the bollywood onee

  • Surbhi Sharma
    Surbhi Sharma 13 दिन पहले

    Not even a single thing is new in it....

  • Iqra Khan
    Iqra Khan 13 दिन पहले

    I hate this sudhir tooo much

  • Prudhwi Rajb
    Prudhwi Rajb 13 दिन पहले

    Indian drake

  • Shweta Maurya
    Shweta Maurya 13 दिन पहले

    I badly need this kind of people in my life. 😭😭

  • Shitoshna Timsina
    Shitoshna Timsina 13 दिन पहले

    Area and arjun look so cute together...😍😘

  • vsnl srinivasarao
    vsnl srinivasarao 14 दिन पहले

    17:11 reminded me of FRIENDS... this happens when joey tribbiani moves out.

    DEEPU 14 दिन पहले

    Stupid ayush...m again in love wid u 😘😘😘😘

    DEEPU 14 दिन पहले

    Jis din bada order mila tha usdin apni car se kyo ni gaye the beta??