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Sumo Wrestle With Me | MostlySane
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How Many Famous People Do I Know | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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When Dad Selects Your Boyfriend | MostlySane
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NEW BEGINNINGS ♥️ | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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I Saw A Ghost | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Dadi Aa Rahi Hai | MostlySane
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Last Day In My Old House | Real Talk Tuesday | MostlySane
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Sawaal Saturday With Sudeep | MostlySane | #SawaalSaturday
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Baba Ke Relationship Hacks | MostlySane
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Teachers Day Special | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Watching My First KPOP video!! | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Maa Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai | MostlySane
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Memorable Moments With My Viewers | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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How I Met My Boyfriend *CLICKBAIT* | #SawaalSaturday
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Rakhi Ke Side Effects | MostlySane
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Shows you MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU DIE!! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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If I Had A Brother | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Never Have I Ever | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Bachhe Kahan Se Aate Hain? | MostlySane
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Reacting To Old Family Photos! | RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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What Does My Crush Look Like? | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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College Ka Pyaar Ft. Abish Mathew | MostlySane
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Reading My Secret Diary!! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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What I’ve learnt from my failures. | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Thoughts You Have On A Local Train | MostlySane
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Books You Must Read!! | Episode - 2 | RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Friends or Harry Potter? | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Stages of Being A College Student | MostlySane
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How To Keep Your Mind Happy.. EVERYDAY! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Montu Answers Your Questions | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Boys Will Be Boys feat. Ayush Mehra | MostlySane
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Opening All My Birthday Presents! | RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Am I Related to Virat Kohli | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Thoughts You Have During Monsoons | MostlySane
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This is what dreams are made of. Feat. Hrithik Roshan | #RealTalkTuesday
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What did I do on my birthday? | #SawaalSaturday
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If Shopkeepers Were Honest | MostlySane
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What is Article 15? Ft. Ayushmann Khurrana | #RealTalkTuesday
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Eating A Lemon! | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Types of TV Watchers | MostlySane
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Don't Blame The Internet. | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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My Obsessions!! | #SawaalSaturday | #MostlySane
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Padosi Se Badla | MostlySane
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I Love/Hate Monsoons | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Thoughts Doctors Have! | MostlySane
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My Favourite Memories From School Days! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Godzilla Or Aladdin | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Types Of Shoppers In Every Mall | MostlySane
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Who Is A Better Chef ft Saransh Goila | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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My 3 Wishes | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Vacation Ka Aakhri Din | MostlySane
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My Viewers Surprised Me! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Getting Caught By My Teacher | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
दृश्य 414,9494 महीने पहले
Mothers After Exam Results! | MostlySane
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Chutti Ka Din - A Day In My Life Vlog | #RealTalkTuesday
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When You Have A Crazy Possessive Girlfriend ft. Be YouNick | MostlySane
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Favourite Summer Vacation Memories | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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How I Choose My Sawaal Saturday Questions | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Every Family Dinner Ever | MostlySane
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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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What's My Real Surname | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Every Parent’s Fight Ever! | MostlySane
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New York City Vlog With Hyundai Venue | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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What Is The Weirdest Thing I Have Googled? | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Types of Neighbours | MostlySane
दृश्य 2,526,3565 महीने पहले
दृश्य 156,7655 महीने पहले
Why I Didn’t Vlog In Europe! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Morning Person or Night Person | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
दृश्य 329,5235 महीने पहले
Sabse Badi Galti | MostlySane
दृश्य 1,878,7185 महीने पहले
YouTube FanFest 2019 | Aftermovie | MostlySane
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What My Rings Mean! | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Puraane Yaar ft iiSuperwomanii | MostlySane
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How I Deal With Stressful Days | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Montu Is A Real Boy??! | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Holi Ka Plan Kya Hai | MostlySane
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Yes I Have YTFF Passes To Giveaway! | Life Update | MostlySane
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End Game Ka Trailer Dekha??! 😱 | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Principal Ne Mummy Ko Bulaya | MostlySane
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Bigg Boss or Khatron Ke Khiladi | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Boards Ka Saal Hai | MostlySane
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Meeting Captain Marvel and Nick Fury! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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What I Hate About Travelling | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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The Awkward Break-Up Ft. BeYouNick | MostlySane
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True Confessions Ft Taapsee | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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My diet and workout plan (LOL) | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Power Of An Indian Citizen | MostlySane
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Stop Fake News | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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A Sad Time For Us All | MostlySane
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Things You Hear In A Ladies Public Toilet | MostlySane
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4 Years of MostlySane | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Best Trip Ever |#SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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Behen Ki Setting | MostlySane
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How To Wake Up Early | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Waking Up As Someone Else | #SawaalSaturday | MostlySane
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  • Amjad Ali
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    How many of you want prajakta di's new house tour hit like❤...

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    The kolhapur chi aunty 😍😍

  • Smruti Panda
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    #sawalsaturday... Have you ever been to Odisha?????when are you planning to come here??

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    #SAWAALSATURDAY Hii praju.. love u Which is favourite food ?

  • Adhira David
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    Hii I'm Adhira..lots of love to u dii...My Question is How do u define Best Friend?#SawaalSaturday

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    #sawaalsaturday Whats your boyfriend's name?

  • Smruti Panda
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    #sawalsaturday Hey to watch ur vdos😊 there any criteria to get picked up for sawal Saturday questions????pls let me knw.....

  • Shubham Mishra
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    #sawalsaturday hii prajakta My question is that" if u wake up one day and u found that u became a boy then what's your first dialogue??"

  • Beena Mathew
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    I'm from kerala tooo😁😂

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    #sawalsaturday hi prajakta di this is shibani from assam when are you coming to guwahati and have you ever tried assamese food love love♥️

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    Kal exam hai aur idhar chutiyapa chal Raha hai

    ARCHANA MANKAR 15 मिनट पहले

    #SawaalSaturday Hello prajakta di this is Spruha... 😅sry for the googly but this is my mom's account. Wanna know if you had to ditch Hritik Roshan which Bollywood actor you would pick..? And why..!?

  • shreyas more
    shreyas more 17 मिनट पहले Prajakta mam apka upar roast kiya ha ya channel par

  • shreyas more
    shreyas more 18 मिनट पहले Prajakta mam apka upar roast kiya Ha jara deklo is ladka ko

  • shreyas more
    shreyas more 20 मिनट पहले Prajakta mam apka upar ek jana roast kiya ha jara deklo isko

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    1st one

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    #sawalsaturday does your new living room echoes. Luv luv from Kolkata

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    #SawaalSaturday Hi Prajakta di👋 I'm from Goa and eagerly want to meet you when are you coming to Goa?

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    I love this woman

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    Because of you I read that maharani gayatri devi book and thank you for that video.....😍😍😍

    ARCHANA KAR 29 मिनट पहले

    Hey prajakta I like your vedio very much pls I you make a vedio about bengalis pls pls🙏🙏😍😍😍

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    Please a video about cauvery ...where they are planting saplings near this river....

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    Best acting

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    Love you praju 💙😊 💙 Love from কোলকাতা 💘

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    hey prajakta love love from pakistan you have a great personality please come in pakistan one time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i m the biggest fan of yours and plz answer me on your next sawaalsatursday plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love love

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    #sawaalsaturday hey prajakta ma'am i am your fan and an admirer who is a fifteen year old , I have a question to ask to you whether you are going to have a fanmeet in future so that i can personally meet you and talk to you because i think you are could be very good friends and sorry question is so long i hope you read my question the next time , btw you are a very beautiful person inside out

  • space space
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    #SawaalSaturday. Hi prajakta.. My question is do you know cooking.. If yes whts ur favourite cooking dish u wnt to cook.. If not then wats ur favourite dish to be cooked?

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    Areyyyy mera bhi same 28 feb 2001 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    #sawaalsaturday prajakta di I started seeing mostly sane just after cartoons 😁. My question: will you act in Bollywood

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    High five boys... For the Xbox.

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    Vrushank looks funny 😂😂

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    Mast video fun to watch 😃😃😃😃👌👌

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    What a video

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    Mai vi history student hu..

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    #SawaalSaturday It's me Suman koli😍 Pls Answer it... Are you in love? Do you like coffee? Your dream vacation? Your love place you wanna visit? Who do you truthfully love? Last movie you watched and you loved it? Your favorite sport you played? The three wishes you wanna ask for? What Tv show you like or love? What's the nick name that you hate? This was all about pls try to answer all❤❤Lovelove...

    • Kingslayer Suraj
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      Pls majhya prasnanci uttara dya🙏🙏

    ARTHUR RHYMES घंटे पहले

    #sawaalsaturday hi prajakta Di lots of love from Mumbai. Being a mumbaikar what would you choose leaving vada pav forever or live a life as a celebrity for a month and if living as an celebrity who would it be???

  • Amit Kumar
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    u guyzTake stand on each and everything...but when it comes to political person you all are like so petrified... For loosing subscribers you can't choose directly a political person...come on yaar🤐🤐🤐🤫🤭

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    #SawaalSaturday What does Mostlysane mean to you?

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    Dadi guest nehi hai...Its not a problem when she comeas but happiness wraps the house Whoever loves his or her Dadi give likeas yarr💝💝💝

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    When I you saw in sumo wrestler custume I thought that was montu. 😃😃

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    #sawaalsaturday your favourite youtubers?

    GUNSHOT OP घंटे पहले

    Mi A3...garreb ke dslr😂😂

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    Hey prajakta have you ever visited rajasthan, Jaipur

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    Ke ji.... aaj badi pyari lagg ho tussi Miss Koli!

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    Hi Didi!!! Boring me again!!! Plus you just posted 2 hours ago

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    hey prajakta.....parma here ,i am huge fan of yours. i knew that u live in thane and fortunately i got my job location at vickroli. now i am living in mulund and i really want to meet u....will u have little time for ua fan?....please...LOVE LOVE

  • Tania Singh
    Tania Singh घंटे पहले

    #SawaalSaturday hi prajakta.. am Tania.. Am following u from last 1year. Am a big fan of u. My question is not how u met ur boyfriend, but why u avoid to answer the question n answer everytime like u don't want to answer. Love from Kolkata... ❤❤

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    #Sawalsaturday hey... Prajakta who is ur favorite actor?

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    Come to Kerala soon prajaktha

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    Aj kal content kam aur ads, promotion jyada suru hai

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    Hiii diii you are awesome , gorgeous and amazing love you diii 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

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    Hey Barbie Doll Which Psychologist made you to think like this? 😇

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    If you wish to laugh non stop go for it

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    Hii prajakta i am from from kolkataaaa....which device u used for your frst you tube video 🤔???

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    Lady sumo wrestling 😅😅😅

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    Di u r doing great job I appreciate you but sorry I can't donate because my parents will not allow me & I am just 16 year old student sorry di!

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    Lipika Roy घंटे पहले

    #sawaalsaturday hii prajakta di.I am from jalpaiguri west bengal. Sudip said that he will b asking u questions in a sawal satuday.So, waiting for that.Lots of love from pritha.. love u

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    Beautiful episod 😘

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    First learn to post video on tym

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    You're not Ordinary girl ⚡

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    Ranveer army...hit like!!🎯👇

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    Hehehe body awesome 😆😆

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    Are you watching One piece 😂😂 ,cuz it sounds like one piece episode

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    Nice episode 👌

  • Jahnavee Palsodkar
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    #sawaalsaturday Hi Prajakta! I was just curious about how do you choose your sawaal saturday questions from the loooong list you must be getting? Also what is your favorite color and why? Love from me! ❤❤

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    Heyy naya ghar kab dikhayogi?????

    TECH MANIA घंटे पहले

    Hey Prajakta Im Akshat Im a big fan of yours❤️❤️❤️ Btw my question for this week is - Are you planning to make any other music video soon and if yes then whom you wanna collaborate with?? #SawaalSaturday

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    looking good nd good job

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    Mujhe bhi ban na hai sumo wresler 😉😉😉

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    #SawaalSaturday YAAAAR, please! Select it this time! This is going to be the 11th time! This or that: 1. Monica or Rachel 2. School or college 3. Hrithik Roshan or Vrishank 4. Montu or Sonya 5. Yashaswini or Aisha 6. IN-plus or Instagram 7. Siddhali or Mithila 8. A day with fans or a day with distant friends 9. TV series or books I am such a huuuuuuuge fan of yours, please select it this time! #lovelove

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    Aren't you thinking to visit North East? #sawalsaturday

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    #swaalsatutday hi prajakta koli i am your big fan ...golu molu .....aap etne cute kese ho .?

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    Will you be acting in a bollywood films in future or producing any , have you planned about how your marriage? #sawalsaturday

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    Technique of your father finding boyfriend is amazing

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    ❤️❤️❤️love love

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    You are dammm cute. I wish I could find girl like you .

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    Di you are looking to cute in sumo outfit

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    oh this was released on 21st that was my birthday i have turned thirteen

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    Mujhe toh interview ke bulaya hi nahi🤔

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    Hi i am Tamalika from Durgapur. So i wanna ask u how did feel when u came to Durgapur. Do u have any planning of coming again

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    This is far way more better than most cookery shows 🤣🤣🤣

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    Taj Mahal Agra me hai..not in Delhi yaar 🙄🙄🙄

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    What was ur first career choice before u select IN-plus?

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    Hi prajakta! I’m Prisha from Nepal so my question is what are your pet peeves #sawalsaturday ❤️❤️

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    Thank you so much for adding subtitle for deaf viewers! Keep adding it to new videos as well! You are so kind!!!

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    #sawaalsaturday when will your next Sonya video come

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    Height 6.3

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    I qualify.. m 145 kgs