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When You Use TIK-TOK Too Much // Captain Nick
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I Want To Be Safe.
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Types Of Students During College PPT // Captain Nick
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Girlfriend In A Relationship : Before Vs After // Captain Nick
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Types Of Women Fasting On Karwachauth // Captain Nick
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Mataji Reacts To My Bali Pictures // Captain Nick
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If Parlour Wali Didi Becomes Honest // Captain Nick
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Types Of Parents On Result Day // Captain Nick
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Types Of Reactions When Your Ex is Getting Married // Captain Nick
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Thoughts You Have When You Are A Guest // Captain Nick
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Types Of People At Every Indian Wedding // Captain Nick
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BestFriend Ho Toh Aisi Ho Warna Na Ho / Women's Day // Captain Nick
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Thoughts Brides Have During Wedding // Captain Nick
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Shaadi Ka Rishta Ft.Manoj Bajpayee // Captain Nick
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Mataji's Back With A Haul // Captain Nick
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Things Every Girl Hears Before Her Wedding // Captain Nick
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My 1st Try On Haul // Captain Nick
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Asli Wali Diwali 😂 // Captain Nick
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If MataJi Were Bigg Boss (Ft. Slayy Point) // Captain Nick
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Types Of People In Garba (Navratri) // Captain Nick
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If Breakup Lines Were Taken Literally // Captain Nick
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A Day With Me // Radisson Goregaon // Captain Nick
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Types Of Best Friends // Captain Nick
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Mataji Does VoiceOver For My Fashion Video // Captain Nick
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Types Of Teachers // Captain Nick
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Things That Don't Make Sense Part-2 // Captain Nick
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Every Bride During Bridal Make up //Captain Nick
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I Took KiKi Challenge, but... // Captain Nick
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First Date : Boys Vs Girls Ft. Tinder // Captain Nick
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90's Vs Today // Captain Nick
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Captain And Family coming LIVE at you
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Double Standard Indian Mothers Part-II | Captain Nick
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Shein Haul by Mataji | Captain Nick
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Funniest Chubby Bunny Challenge | Captain Nick
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Types Of Drinkers | Captain Nick
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Iconic Bollywood Fashion Trends | Captain Nick
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Types Of Women Waiting Outside Toilet | Captain Nick
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Safety first । Lets be brave
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Types Of People Crossing Road | Captain Nick
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Sarojini Haul By Mataji | Captain Nick
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Savage Mataji | Captain Nick
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Funny Left Hand Makeup Challenge | Captain Nick
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Captain Nick | Types Of People In Dance Class
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Captain Nick | Murthy And Her?
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Aadhaar Card Link Kiya (Ft. Kettan Singh) | Captain Nick
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My Performance at YouTube FanFest 2018 | Captain Nick
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Types Of People With Patient // Captain Nick
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Types Of Students In Exam Hall | Captain Nick
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Things Desi Parents Hate | Captain Nick
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Types Of People On Valentine's Day | Captain Nick
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My Childhood | Captain Nick
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Prank Called My Best Friend | Captain Nick
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When Your Fav. Colour is BLACK | Captain Nick
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Boyfriend /Getting Married ? Captain Nick
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Types Of People Watching Horror Movie | Captain Nick
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Mataji Does The Haul | Captain Nick
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Types Of Brides | Captain Nick
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How To YouTube | 3K To 300K Subscribers
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Types Of Salesmen | Captain Nick
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Types Of New Year Celebrations | Captain Nick
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    Whole video was so funny!!

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  • Uzma Parween
    Uzma Parween 11 घंटे पहले

    That is reality you know. Thanks for making this wonderful video when my friends watched this she shared with me and she gives me dare. So the dare is you share this video to your class teacher and you also write caption for your teacher like that. I sand to her this video next I was not visit school for a week. 😟🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤

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    Talented yr😍👏👏👏👏

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    Student not wearing jeans in class.use mind😣😣😣

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      @Captain Nick then why tittle is so original and then not tell this is class room.I tution bol daite.Simple with any school dress.

    • Captain Nick
      Captain Nick घंटे पहले

      You stop using too much , it’s a comedy video 🙄🙄🙄

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    Very nice

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    The most scariest line ...7:43 "Sasural mai sbse phle tumko uthna padhega , naashta banaa padhega"...I really get goosebumps...😨😱😱

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