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The Great Indian People | Indians and hypocrisy | ODF
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Reality Of A Long Distance Relationship - ODF
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When Your Best Friend Is Dating Your Ex Girlfriend- ODF
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Delhi Girls Behaving Like Delhi Guys On Roads - ODF
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When your Girlfriend meets your Ex Girlfriend- ODF
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Brother Caught Sister With Her Boyfriend - ODF
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What If Delhi Girls Could Buy Boyfriends From General Store - ODF
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Parents Buying CONDOMS For Their Children - ODF
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Honest HOLI Celebration- ODF | Holi Special
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Types of Ex Girlfriends - ODF
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Girlfriend Too Hot To Handle - ODF
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Every Indian School Farewell- ODF
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Delhi Girls at Panvadi - #IndianGirls - ODF
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Honest Suhagraat -What if First Wedding Night Was Honest - ODF
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Bad Girlfriend - Type of Girlfriends Guys Hate - ODF
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School Romance VS College Romance | School College ka Pyaar - ODF
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Types of Teachers in School and College | Hot Teacher |Strict Teacher | ODF
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Awkward Lies We Tell Our Indian Parents | Indian Kids | ODF
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Girls Bargaining for CONDOMS - #IndianWomen - ODF
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Guys with Girlfriend Vs Best Friend - Delhi Guys- ODF
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Guys revealing Awkward secrets to Girls - #DelhiGuys- ODF
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Girls telling why SEX is a big deal in INDIA - ODF
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Girls revealing awkward secrets to Guys - #DelhiGirls -ODF
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Food Lovers of Delhi | Dilli Ke Bhukkhad | delhi belly - ODF
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Best NEIGHBOUR Ever- Neighbours of Delhi- (ODF)
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Delhi Girls teaching How to stop rapes in INDIA #WomensDay - ODF
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Thoughts before a KISS | Valentines Day | Kiss Day | ODF
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Stages of every Relationship - Girlfriend and Boyfriend -ODF
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HARYANVI GOOGLE MAPS #GoogleMaps #Haryana - (ODF)
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8 Signs you are a Game of Thrones fan - (ODF)
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What If Delhi Girls Were Like Delhi Guys ? - (ODF)
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Kissa CUT OFF Ka | Delhi University | DU Admission - ( ODF)
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Delhi Guy Talks To GOOGLE
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The Reality of Indian Media - MEDIAZONED | ODF Rants | (ODF)
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The Indian Classroom Racism (ODF)
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Indians Trying Indian By- Products For The First Time - (ODF)
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Story after every BREAKUP (ODF)
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Story of every IPL Season (ODF)
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Tera Munda SLUT - Your son is a SLUT (ODF)
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Story of every UP guy in Delhi (ODF)
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Story of every PRANKSTER (ODF)
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Problems of a GOAZONED guy - GOAZONED (ODF)
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BEST DAD EVER - Things you would love to hear from your DAD (ODF)
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Story of every PUNJABI GUY in Delhi (ODF)
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Problems of a Student - PADHAIZONED (ODF)
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Story of every UNHYGIENIC Person (ODF)
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Civil-Oxin The Civic Sense Pill (ODF)
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Story of Every Haryana Guy in Delhi (ODF)
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Problems of a girl on her PERIODS - PERIODZONED (ODF)
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India VS Pakistan | Indian calling a Pakistani (ODF)
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FAUJI- His last Call - (ODF)
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Girls reacting on Friendzoned Guy Video ( ODF )
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Story of all the Social media freak ( ODF )
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LET'S SMILE - Independence Day (ODF)
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Girls reacting to What Guys avoid doing in public (ODF)
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The Great Indian Funeral #Fakeoff #SpriteComedyKonkout
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Problems of a FRIENDZONED GUY- Pyar ka Punchnama (ODF)
दृश्य 157 8283 साल पहले
Story of every FEKU (ODF)
दृश्य 545 3423 साल पहले
NOTORAPE- Anti Rape Cream (ODF)
दृश्य 100 1303 साल पहले


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