Had a real fight while doing QnA| had to shut down HayyRam04

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  • 8/08/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • #HayyRam
    episode 5
    Why relationships are not working these days. Hayyram 04 QnA vdo. hope you like this. we were as candid as possible and shared what we feel.
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    Hayy ram so nice 😀👌

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    I am the first one and your biggest fan who come here after a long time because of article 370 the internet is stop for 12 day today it start at7:00am and I am here without any delay I need your love 😍😍😘😘😘😘

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      Professional Gamers hows the situation in j&k

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    Wawahhhhh dharm ke bareme jo vyakhyan di ap dono ne super saluting yahi bhagwan ki sharaddha, ma bap ke ashirvad, aur apki mahenat se ap itne successful ho...

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    In funny way

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    Coincidentally I met Ritu today in our office lift..you are such an adorable person Ritu..god bless..keep smiling and keep flying higher...:)

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    Sir please make one separate video on modern science and religious beliefs please 😊

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    Taksshila nahi wo university nalanda thi baba
    Bakhtiyar khilji ne jalaya tha use

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    Takshashila was destroyed by army of Bakhtiyar Khilji .Khilji dynasty....plz make it correct.

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    hey @Flying Beast. Amazing Videos. Just a question - is it possible for you to add English subtitles to your videos ?

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    I believe love should not b with physical attraction it SHLD b cnnectn with soul to souls (pilgrim souls)..

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    Any one guesses why she changed camera angal ???

  • Priyanshu Saxena
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    Sir I think you should start a series in which you talk about interesting facts and topics in Indian History. Chai pete pete 😉

  • Samson Sassoon
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    Lol that was foolish . Who reminds wife of a fight you had before.

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    The combined reaction of both on 'KAT TO NAHI RAHA' 👌👌👌👌😜

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    ABHISHEK 3 दिन पहले

    Kindly do the QnA like this...the serious one.....in which you give answer honestly to the viewers.
    Thanku once again.

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  • Mohammad Suleman
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    A: Don't promote pseudoscience.
    B: The takshila university was burned by Khiljis not Mughals.(at least that's what internet claims)

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    NASA ke log machine ke through moon pe jate he, aur hamare pahle ke RISHI muni istheer baithe he sare bhramand ke yaatra karte the. But unfortunately sab vidhya lupth hogayi.

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    We should learn Vedas more and more..and bhagwat Geeta as well!!! Proud to be a Hindu

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    Jai aryavarta
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  • Veer Thakur
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    Hi Gaurav and Ritu, I like your vlogs, really entertaining and big cheers for that. But, I thought of dropping a comment in contradiction to your thought process. Ofcourse, we are discreet and have seldom point of views:
    1) Ritu, your opinion about live-in relationship is fairly vague. In fact, the idea of marriage is an outcome of modern social architecture (with existence of humans as reference). If a person believes in polygamy, they can be a hypocrite and do it as well after marriage. In fact, we Indians being are the biggest hypocrites. Sex tourism outside India is known to have huge Indian customer base, and most being married.
    2) Now to the more elaborate topic, Science vs mythology, there's a difference between hypothesis and observation. Being a student of science, I can write a hypothesis of gene mutation to a super-human or quantum tunnelling resulting time travel, which may not be realised even in the next 1000 years or more, but that does not give me the credentials of scientifically inventing it. Science is young, we cannot expect it to debunk all questions in its short span of existence. The more modern science will evolve, more the downfall of superstitions will be seen. Science is reasoning. You flying at 30000 feet is science, not a hypothesis as in mythology. Give science time, it will take couple of generations to unravel the absolute truth. But eventually it will.
    Such a long comment!! Hayy raam!!

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    This is your first video
    Jisko dekh k bore hua maai
    Don't make this kind of video

    RAHUL KUMAR 4 दिन पहले

    Ritu said very true. Make ur career first n forget girls n all.

  • Dr. Sudha
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    Wow....i hope todays youth follows you completely specially how to know about indian culture becoming modern. N i agree i read that university was really burned. M glad u discussed this with everybody sir. N i really think ritu mam said well to have one vedio spcly dedicated for indian culture

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  • History is Missing ! Be Aware !
    History is Missing ! Be Aware ! 4 दिन पहले +1

    Yes, our ancient civilization was most advanced civilization of her time. But sadly, Mugal invaded us and destroyed prestigious buildings like universities, libraries etc. Please study history carefully and read about Harappan Civilization and Industry Valley Civilization. History is not boring. History teaches us about our past and not to repeat same mistakes again.
    That's why I don't like Taj Mahal, its just a gravestone. People need to give importance to Takshala University, Nalanda University , ancient Sun temple etc.
    If u gain enough insight to hidden history of India, u will definitely realize that secularism is actually a slow poison to India. Go and check out history of Hindus population in Pakistan.

  • Harshad Shelar
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    Aaj apne vedic culture ki jo explaination diya it was just "awesome ", . Dil me apke liye izat aur bhi baad gaye . . 🙏

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    Bilkul sae bole sir ,. Pura u.s wala nuture aara hamare country me , . . Sad to see, humara culture pichda jara hai

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  • The Viral Shots
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    Simply awesome 👏✊👍, You both are awesome, stay blessed and happy and salute to your thinking which always make proud to our indian culture

  • arun kumar
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    Science is based on fact, not opinion or preferences with empirical evidence and open to rigorous attempts at refutation.
    Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual, but are incompatible with the scientific method. It is contradictory, exaggerated or reliance on confirmation bias rather than rigorous attempts at refutation.
    Examples: cosmetic surgery in ancient time like lord Ganesha, ancient nuclear wae, aeroplanes during ravana time , Denial of Darwin's theory etc .
    Possible reason : We are just jealous of the achievements of the West and our ego is getting through our skin and it showing up.

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    well that graph is a lie and does not represent the complete truth ... the graph is correct for only those people who have stopped pursuit of knowledge...whereas for others, religion is just superstition...

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