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  • 14/05/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • VLOG 170
    started ground training at my new airline, Air Asia.
    The training is fun and lots of things to learn.
    we learn about the aircrft technical, performance and other non technical training as well.
    all the training is done at Bangalore.
    Hope you enjoy the video.
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    I graduated from IIT Kharagpur and currently work as a captain with a domestic carrier.

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    Using the word "Tapasya" to mean doing toilet is a very bad joke... even as a joke is a sin.. you are such a mature person doesn't matter if you are religious or not but this is wrong.. you won't use another word like namaz to mean the same thing

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  • v.subhash chandra
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    I liked this video and I hope the Bangalore stay is good. Thank you for telling new facts in each video as I witnessed a situation ok ego of piolets in this video, kudos to you all the best with AirAsia again

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    PS: Would want to meet you someday, please do ping over mail (I'm so sorry for having you ping over, but I found no other way to connect with you) Keep inspiring!!

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