Yuvraj Singh announces retirement from International cricket

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  • 10/06/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement from all formats of International cricket. “After 25 years, I have decided to move on. Cricket has given me everything and is the reason why I stand here today,” the 37-year-old left-handed batsmen said while addressing the media. “I was extremely lucky to play 400 games for India. I could have never imagined it when I first started playing cricket,” he added.
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  • Vidhya Kowsi
    Vidhya Kowsi 28 दिन पहले

    I miss u yuvi

  • safdar mirrali
    safdar mirrali महीने पहले

    Yujraj singh is my fav player

  • Mohsin Kazmi
    Mohsin Kazmi महीने पहले

    He is a great hero shame on u indian selector

  • Prairna Bhagat
    Prairna Bhagat 2 महीने पहले

    All because of kohli he never kept him in team if he was then india would win from new zeland he is much more experienced and superior from rishabh pant and now he will not play all thanks to kohli

  • Murshid Hossain
    Murshid Hossain 2 महीने पहले

    You are always gonna be missed Yuvi Prah ... You always brought some kind of magic every time you stepped into the field wearing the blue jersey & have been a great ambassador for the game of cricket ... All the best for your life after retirement ... You have been an inspiration both on & off the field ♥
    Love & respect from Bangladesh ♥

  • Roman Raj
    Roman Raj 3 महीने पहले

    that is the reason I left watching cricket

  • Jesus Gill
    Jesus Gill 3 महीने पहले

    Yuvraj singh is great. love from Pakistan.

    DHRUV SAWANT HERO 3 महीने पहले

    Yuvians like here 👍 👍

  • snpreet
    snpreet 3 महीने पहले

    Bcci fuck u.

  • Yogesh Mehta
    Yogesh Mehta 3 महीने पहले

    He deserves a biopic

  • crazy guy
    crazy guy 3 महीने पहले

    Finally iss dinn Stuart broad Khush hua Hoga.....the legend....yuvraj Singh...because of whom India won the 2 world cups

  • Gursharan Bains
    Gursharan Bains 3 महीने पहले

    Bcci is worst..they never respct the true players..but yuvi is always in our hearts❤❤

  • Factuality Hub
    Factuality Hub 3 महीने पहले

    Struggling story of yuvraj Singh

  • chandrashekar k
    chandrashekar k 3 महीने पहले

    We missed in this world cup...u r really greatest playe r i have ever seen...u will be having vry good future

    • mad shots
      mad shots 3 महीने पहले

      watch a tribute video to yuvraj singh please please watch this
      and share

  • Shah Jee
    Shah Jee 3 महीने पहले

    Yuvraj was my favorite always love❤️ respect form Pakistan 🇵🇰 ♥ 🇮🇳

    ATIKUR RAHMAN SHUVO 3 महीने पहले

    Only for him i loved indian cricket team once..
    Good bye legend.you were the best

  • Mr. RK
    Mr. RK 3 महीने पहले +1

    Yuvraj Singh is the Aan ,Ban and Shan of Indian Cricket ❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • ajay Rawal
    ajay Rawal 3 महीने पहले

    Its better he retires on Field but he is just like our Cricketers, Politicians who never retired until out from system.

  • Aniket Malik
    Aniket Malik 3 महीने पहले +1

    paji u are great please do not take retiremnet from t- 20

  • Md. Kaif
    Md. Kaif 3 महीने पहले


  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar 3 महीने पहले

    A great cricketer missing in India

  • rocky primes
    rocky primes 3 महीने पहले +6

    Six 6's will be remembered for generations...that was simply great!

  • Salman Azad
    Salman Azad 3 महीने पहले +1

    Yuvi is the greatest cricketor

  • Mr Ballu
    Mr Ballu 3 महीने पहले

    Ooo bhan ke lodo hindi bhe bol leya karo

    RAKESH KUMAR 3 महीने पहले

    666666 yuvi ke name rahege faster ke khilaaf koi or nhi ho sakta

  • Dhamo Dharan
    Dhamo Dharan 3 महीने पहले

    We miss real hero

  • Dhamo Dharan
    Dhamo Dharan 3 महीने पहले

    Yuvi is always best winning player,i love lot yuvi

  • lion 123
    lion 123 3 महीने पहले

    miss u yuvi

  • hardeep singh
    hardeep singh 3 महीने पहले +1

    Before the debut of Yuvraj Singh, there were only two aspects of Indian cricket team i.e. only batting and bowling. But credit goes to players like Yuvi and Kaif who brought professionalism to the fielding. Both these players used to save at least 20 odd runs in almost every match. I still remember a match (most probably a champions trophy match) in which India was playing against South Africa. South African players were chasing and were on course to winning the match. At that time, one batsman mistimed the ball and it went into air. At best it was a half chance. But Yuvi jumped so high and took the catch with one hand. After that, India dramatically won the match. So kudos to the champion so raised the bar of Indian fielding. Hit like for India's greatest fielder of all time👍

  • KPG Channel
    KPG Channel 3 महीने पहले +2

    👈Jay jay Kara - YUVI version only 👈on KPG CHANNEL👈👈👈(emotional)

  • Rao Ippili
    Rao Ippili 3 महीने पहले

    Miss u Yuvi
    UR great player in anytime

  • Haresh Gadhavi
    Haresh Gadhavi 3 महीने पहले

    😭😭miss you sir my favourite

  • Sanju Reddy
    Sanju Reddy 3 महीने पहले

    We can't see like this person in future hatesoff to you yuvi we lov u forever

  • Mayank raj Mayank raj
    Mayank raj Mayank raj 3 महीने पहले

    We miss you, a legend, survival,good man. We cant forget you😩😩😩😩

  • Bhavya Singh Chouhan
    Bhavya Singh Chouhan 3 महीने पहले

    Miss uh Paji


    You will be miss forever yuvi😭😭😭😭, yu vi can 👌👌👌love u maan

  • Bevesh Singh
    Bevesh Singh 3 महीने पहले +1

    Yaar Bhai tere jaisa koi Nahi hai 😢😢😢😢

  • Furquan Ahmad
    Furquan Ahmad 3 महीने पहले


  • Srinath shilpa
    Srinath shilpa 3 महीने पहले

    Miss you

  • Avi Maheshwari
    Avi Maheshwari 3 महीने पहले +1


  • basantakumar swain
    basantakumar swain 3 महीने पहले

    you are not a good player you are a best player of india

  • Manish Singh
    Manish Singh 3 महीने पहले

    Truly legend! Hope so one day your presence Indian Team will understand.. Without you no cricket for me..

  • Chote bhai ki padhai
    Chote bhai ki padhai 3 महीने पहले +1

    for Yuvraj's six sixes....
    for Yuvraj's half centuries...
    for Yuvraj's centuries.....
    for the winning battle of Yuvraj against cancer
    Like for YUVRAJ SINGH our Yuvi
    Jai Hind. ........ 😭

  • Aman Saurav
    Aman Saurav 3 महीने पहले


  • Vikash Choubey
    Vikash Choubey 3 महीने पहले

    We will miss you yuvi😂😂😂

  • R A V I N D R A V A R M A
    R A V I N D R A V A R M A 3 महीने पहले

    Sir jis match m aap khele sirf usi match ko dekha ipl 2019
    Misss you sir

  • Brijesh Gupta
    Brijesh Gupta 3 महीने पहले

    Salute to a legend hero all time favourite cricketer my yuvi

  • raku da lover
    raku da lover 3 महीने पहले

    Miss u paji 😥😥

  • Pooja biswal
    Pooja biswal 3 महीने पहले

    Yuvi u are a true hero we all miss our love and support are always with u😭😭😭

  • Bollywood Hub
    Bollywood Hub 3 महीने पहले


  • Swapnil Gandhi
    Swapnil Gandhi 3 महीने पहले

    One of the best feilders of india

  • Wiki Chaudhary
    Wiki Chaudhary 3 महीने पहले

    Itne din se kiska wait kar raha tha

  • l'm me
    l'm me 3 महीने पहले

    I have no words to say

  • video daily update's
    video daily update's 3 महीने पहले +1

    He is great cricketer 💓💓💓
    Miss you sir 💓💓❤️❤️❤️

  • Mr Hèll & Báck Gamer
    Mr Hèll & Báck Gamer 3 महीने पहले

    Matt Jaaaaa Yuviiiiiiii...Ruk jaaaaa...🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒

  • Honey Singh Bath
    Honey Singh Bath 3 महीने पहले


    RAJ KUMAR 3 महीने पहले

    Kedar jadav or vijay shnkr sale gaand mrva rhe hau team mein

  • Fun with gaming
    Fun with gaming 3 महीने पहले

    Believe me that the worst is yet to come(Ms dhoni)

  • RHN 44
    RHN 44 3 महीने पहले

    Finally ....you shld have taken this decision a long time ago

  • Daily Zone
    Daily Zone 3 महीने पहले +1

    Legends never go 😭

  • s.a. patil
    s.a. patil 3 महीने पहले

    Miss you yuvi

  • Chiranjeev Singh
    Chiranjeev Singh 3 महीने पहले

    I wish you had ended ur carear better then this.
    #Youu Contribution have made us champion twice
    #There is No doubt about it

  • Vasudeva K
    Vasudeva K 3 महीने पहले

    Miss you yuvraj ji

  • Nikhil siddharth
    Nikhil siddharth 3 महीने पहले

    Fans :- we are gonna miss u yuvi. 😟😟
    ABD:- am I a joke to u..?

  • Ishitwa Agrawal
    Ishitwa Agrawal 3 महीने पहले

    Yuvi deserves a Farewell Match...

    HARSHA VARDHAN 3 महीने पहले

    U retired
    V cried

  • Radheshyam Shastri
    Radheshyam Shastri 3 महीने पहले +1

    Thanku Sir

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  • Radhika Sharma
    Radhika Sharma 3 महीने पहले

    Wonderful Video Sir....

  • T M S
    T M S 3 महीने पहले

    Wah maja aa gya bhai announcement sunke tere jese or tere baap virat ko bhi bol team chodne ke liye tun jeso ne team karab kar rakhi he puri or ab video dal ke IN-plus or kharab kar rahe ho

  • sai parla
    sai parla 3 महीने पहले

    in-plus.biz/cainala/qyOsa_PkH64-vidiyo.html mera video dhekhooo

  • Desi Boys Rocks
    Desi Boys Rocks 3 महीने पहले

    Bahut control kr rhe h yuvi paji apne emotion ko ...

  • Thoo Tube
    Thoo Tube 3 महीने पहले

    Kam se kam bina neeche dekh ke dil se bolta to aur bhi zyada accha hota

  • Sanjay Gandhi
    Sanjay Gandhi 3 महीने पहले

    Miss u yovi paji😍😍😙😙

  • TheInfinity Warrior
    TheInfinity Warrior 3 महीने पहले

    We will badly miss you. Thank you so much for entertaining us with your amazing performance specially those 6 consecutive 6s which who can ever forget?

  • Randir Singh
    Randir Singh 3 महीने पहले +1

    Today day is happy for stuart broad

  • Ashok kumar
    Ashok kumar 3 महीने पहले

    He is retiring from cricket just like a teacher or a police-man retires from their service. What is there to be emotional??????

  • Rupa Mukherjee
    Rupa Mukherjee 3 महीने पहले

    really jiska game dkkhe bare hue voh sb player retire horhehai

  • Aroshful Gaine
    Aroshful Gaine 3 महीने पहले

    Love you six ka king♥️♥️♥️

  • Krishiv Gaming
    Krishiv Gaming 3 महीने पहले


  • Tec,Cir,Rea,Com
    Tec,Cir,Rea,Com 3 महीने पहले +1

    Miss you bro

  • Honey Panag
    Honey Panag 3 महीने पहले +1

    you are my fav bro

  • k Harsha vardhan
    k Harsha vardhan 3 महीने पहले +1

    😢 😢 😢 😢

  • Shakeel Ansari
    Shakeel Ansari 3 महीने पहले +1

    We are missing you my favorite player
    Yuvi singh

  • umesh vijrani
    umesh vijrani 3 महीने पहले

    Great cricketor of all time... In 2011 world Cup batting bowling fielding everything was at its best with him.. Those who watched 2011 world Cup matches.. Will never forget your contribution for winning the cup..
    Hope one more player like you emerge in 2019 world Cup too..

  • Srilalitha Sribhashayam
    Srilalitha Sribhashayam 3 महीने पहले

    Will miss you Yuvi on the ground... With out you v would not have been able to win the World Cup... God bless u and ur family ❤❤❤

  • Shivendra Sharma
    Shivendra Sharma 3 महीने पहले

    *itni jaldi q*

  • Divyanshu Singh
    Divyanshu Singh 3 महीने पहले

    we all miss u UV Pajii😞🖤
    love ur classicals shots

  • Bhausaheb Dhere
    Bhausaheb Dhere 3 महीने पहले u yuvi

  • Bhausaheb Dhere
    Bhausaheb Dhere 3 महीने पहले

    Love you Yuvi

  • Nitanshu kumar Singh
    Nitanshu kumar Singh 3 महीने पहले

    Miss u my hero...

  • Sheheryar Qureshi
    Sheheryar Qureshi 3 महीने पहले +1

    Whether you are an Indian or Pakistani or even from any country, you can never hate this legend, love you yuvi, i am a Pakistani living in uk, i had an opportunity to meet Yuvi in a high profile event in london and i was so impressed with his gesture, he is so down to earth and a great human being, and who can forget those 6 sixes in an over, i really wish this man was playing for my country, love and respect from Pakistan

  • Chandani Gupta
    Chandani Gupta 3 महीने पहले

    I can't imagine cricket without yuvi pani.hats of sir.

    HD MEDIA 3 महीने पहले

    Big Salute to you yuvi 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    SWARNENDU MONDAL 3 महीने पहले

    We'll miss you yuvi

  • inner smile
    inner smile 3 महीने पहले

    End of a excellent era

  • Guri Jhajj
    Guri Jhajj 3 महीने पहले

    Lvu and miss u Yuvi

  • Guri Jhajj
    Guri Jhajj 3 महीने पहले

    who miss yuvi hit like 👍👍👍

  • Rahul Vasave
    Rahul Vasave 3 महीने पहले

    Yuvraj started modern era of indian cricket...good luck ..

  • Samir Mishra
    Samir Mishra 3 महीने पहले +1