How To Be A TikTok Star feat. Ahsaas Channa, Jizzy & Bhavini Soni

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  • 12/08/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Society judges you, no matter how sane your choices in life are. They always make you do silly things if that’s trending at that moment of time. This video is a fun take on such comparisons and judgements. Here our protagonist Rashi, is mocked by the society that girls and boys of her age group have million followers and she is still following other people for inspiration. This leads Rashi to set on a journey of becoming a Tik Tok star. Will she manage to become one? Tune in to find out.
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    Special Thanks: Ambuj Gupta, Somnath Karmakar, Vinit Samel
    Cast: Ahsaas Channa, Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Saurabh Khanna, Neeru Chopra, Ambuj Gupta, Bhavini Soni, Sarah Yadav, Dibyendu Dev Sharma, Durin Das, Roshan Singh
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      Brain cancer!

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      Waiting girls hostel season 2 plz hrup jaladi laoooo plzzzzz

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      @sanjay singh hijade log ??? Like you ?? 😂

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      TIKTOK is full of shit...i don't wanna see suckers 👾👿👿

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    #boycott Huawei #boycottchina

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    #boycott Chinese products and #hwawei

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    team07 new tik tok video mr faisu, Hasnain, adnaan, saddu, faiz & riyaz

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    When the girl hostel is comming

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    I uninstalled d Tiktok 2 days ago ...Bz tiktok Makes mi boar now

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    I joined tiktok because of u.. remember when u got ur 1st million..How crasy u were behaving....

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    Dear girliyapa before sponsor any things please check that it is safe for costumes and country. You can not trust on Huawei for your data. They share it with Chinese government

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    Yaar why dont you guys bring up the next season of girls hostel?? I am waiting sooo eagerly dude!!

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    Hey yaar please ap log girls hostel season 2 kyun nahi larahen hain

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    That was yo-yo honey singh song which yeah desi superstar

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    मैं हूं आरसी यादव | मैंने Subscribe नहीं किया हूं|

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    I have the same phone its Amazing😘


    Plz make video with shristi shrivasatav😘😄😄😄😄

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    Subscribe to PEWDIEPIE

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    Bhut shi kha last m

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    Product placement was so subtle.

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    Ahsaas ky sath zayada video bnaoo plzzzzz

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    M tekroko pucha kidhr se liya madrjaat 😁

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    Stop promoting China mobile shame on you

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    Huawei. . . Uhh please NO 🚫

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    Loved it

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    Ahsaas Is So Cute I saw u in Oie Jessi

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    😂😂😂😂😂Facts... But 129+million 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Tiktok is platform for unemployment people .If you want to change your grnder without money so please install that shit.

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    "Star banna asaan hai, bane rehna mushkil."

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    I'm dying by laughing 😂

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    Tiktok is waste of time

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    chutya ho tum
    Normally i didnt comment on video but this time u dont have good content. FU

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    And u forgot to tell that some countries have banned Huawei 😂😂

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    🤯Dil ke Tukde, Tukde karke muskurake chal diye... 🤦‍♂🤣🤣🤣😂 Uthale re baba uthale🙏

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    Nice message in the last by heroin

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    Hate tiktok.
    Sala talent k nam pe poti .
    Khud ko actors bol tei hai mc ek dialogue bhi na bol paye bc ban tiktok .

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    0:00 me ho

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    U r awesome actress..

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    No addiction for validation!!

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    I will Subscribe every TikTok Hater video
    Believe me

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    You bitches have shamed fair girls (suvarna), have conveniently ignored inherent misogyny in the hijab-burka religion, spew incoherent shit about dedicated homemakers. I as a woman find your ilk an insult to my intelligence, and a threat to decent collaborative civilization.

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    Girliyapa used to be entertaining, cathartic and more. It's degenerated to being a successive imagery of tropes.
    Hateful ideologies, elitist delusions, crass commercials, and poor content. You are like the ones you abhor - only devout indoctrinated followers give you likes

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    Good work 😊

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    Ohhh... Such an elitist attitude towards an app that's hugely popular. Girls on TikTok dont whine about patriarchy, so you hate them. I have lost all respect for Girliyapa. And the cringeworthy sell out phone ad. Get a life girls

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    Wow ! Nice video

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    love from "THE BONG ARTIST" team

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    Faltu phone h ea
    Par video acha lAga

  • Tresure Eriqe
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    Such piece of shit video!

  • ItsJasleen Diva!
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    Girliyapa is now promoting girls to be whores and idiots, who will sell their bodies to highest bidders. tiktok is a cancer to the society.

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    You need to stop...they support Pakistan

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