Why Jet Airways Failed - Indigo, Pilots & Airports in India | Kenny Sebastian - Stand Up Comedy

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  • 10/07/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Kenny Sebastian in his latest video shares his thoughts on why Jet Airways, India's second largest airline went down under! He then describes his feelings towards Airports in India and why most of their employees are disgruntled. He also feels it's not the best idea to give pilots feedback on landing...maybe cause it might piss them off?
    Hope you like the video!
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    Ur so good maccha ...by the i m also malyali ...

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    Intro and Outro :-
    Gloria Tells - Love!
    You're welcome.

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    You face is like frog.

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    Airport security must be like that bcoz ...of d serious security issues!!!...Being in aviation industry ...i can seriously understand tht

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    Airhostess appeal to male passengers,air host to females na.

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    2:50 looks like Mr.Bean

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    3:20 We had taken the Indigo inaugural flight and had asked for blankets for our little ones... No blankets, no food.... Super angry.... Hmmmmm.... Just relived that memory

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    Planelay neighbour ? Valli koorkan vellikyuna neighbor? Wrong flight lu keriyal ulla deyva bhagyam? Flight lay kakoos? Overweight baggage nu fine. Pakshey 100 kilo dey manishan kondu poghan orru madi illya. Pinney tadiyan maarey 15 kilo sadhanam adu veray. 59 kg agandey endu ghunam? Namal orru 20 kg edtu poyaal.....verrum kaat annay polay " fine taa".inniyum cover cheya on this subject
    Good show

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    6:20 Soo true
    I lost weight 3 years ago and my passport has my chubby picture on it
    Dude honesty Everytime during the immigration there is this saas bahu stare going on between me and the person in front of me😶😐😑

    RICHARD STEPHEN 11 दिन पहले

    No, they had terrible service, my dad used to say that they'll wind up some day for their behaviour and alas it came true!
    Hire people with the right attitude coz this is a service industry!!!

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    3:06 best part 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Full relatablity only when I watch this.

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    Lame humour, and the overuse of laughter track, but didnt work

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    Kenny, you're my favourite stand up artist and ah it feels so good to finally enjoy a new video!
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    Lots of love, you're doing amazing. Keep being yourself ❤️

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    the fact why jet airways failed was hilarious dude.. and surely true.. they use to surely provide comfort.. and indigo crew members my goodness!!. A few are full of attitude like hell ! I 'requested ' one of the airhostess to help me keep my bag in cabin cupboard. She totally refused saying she couldn't do that , it's heavy. What a stupid excuse !!! I obviously can't carry 20kg bag as cabin luggage man! Maximum it is 7 kgs. You didn't even touch the bag, it was a side carry bag and u 'think it might be heavy'.. amazing intuitive and psychic power u have..What r u there for if u can't help the customers. And it wasn't an order that I passed ,mere humble request. Taking out all my frustrations here Bcz 'i want to change the world' :D

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