Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 800 - Baalveer Gains Back His Power

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  • 20/09/2019 को प्रकाशित
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    Episode 800
    Ballu interrogates Manav as he witnesses the magic. Rani Pari is delighted to see Baalveer alive and goes ahead to meet him but Maha Vinashini intervenes and captures her. Manav and Meher hand over the source of power to Baalveer, embarking a new edge. it.
    About Baalveer:
    Baal Veer is a story about a supernatural human boy, who is blessed with superpowers of seven fairies. There are numerous fairies in Pari-Lok and each fairy has her own basic characteristic according to her name. However, Maa Pari enthrones the Bahuroopi Pari as the Rani Pari. Bhayankar Pari, with the help of her assistant Tauba-Tauba, tries to become Rani Pari but, later, is defeated by Baal Veer. Baal Veer protects the Pari-lok and fairies, and the kids around the world from evil-powers. He teaches the kids to always be good and true. He lives undercover as a human boy Ballu with his close friends; Manav and Meher, as their adopted sibling. The kids and their friends are often troubled by their schoolmate Montu, but Baal Veer comes to their rescue. Later, fairies also bless the superpowers to Manav and Meher to help Baal Veer, and they are respectively named as Baal Mitra and Baal Sakhi.
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    राहुल गांधी जीः- अभी 2019 मे जब लोक सभा का चुनाव हो रहा था तो आपने खूब प्रचार किया था की राफेल खरीद मे बहत बडा कमिशन का घोटाला हुआ है देश का सिपाही बहुत बडा चोर है और सिपाही सब सुनता रहा।लेकिन अब सब चुप।कया 50/50 कमिशन मे.............।..

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    Any teens who watch this shit ?? ....please reply I'm here to rescue you !

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    My favourite serial 👌👌😍😍

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      @Classy Games I have a question , how do you like such boring things ? .....if you can understand good English, then I can show you some cool teenager stuff and get you away from these childish shows

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    Balveer 2

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