Udacha Muttai Kulambu Recipe in Tamil | Udacha Egg Gravy in Tamil | Udacha Egg Curry

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  • 14/08/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • In this video ww will see how to make udacha muttai kulambu in tamil. This udacha egg curry is much faster and easier to make than the regular egg gravy. Instead of adding boiled eggs to the gravy in this recipe we will directly break open the eggs and add them into the spicy curry. The advantage of this method is that it saves time and the eggs soak up the flavor better in this recipe method.
    #muttaiKulambu #udachamuttaikulambu #eggcurry
    Friends please do try this variation of udacha muttai kulambu at home and this recipe will be suitable for rice dosa or chapathi. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking!
    For detailed udacha muttai kulambu recipe with the list of ingredients please visit
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  • Priyanka Venkat
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    Hai 1st tym I tried Ur receipe..my hubby loved it a lot.. thank u

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    Yesterday I prepared for dinner it's totally awesome dish 🤪

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    Super akka

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    Edhuku side dish vaera enna vachuklm..

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    Akka pls.. Veg kootu receipe post pannunga.. Beginner's ku usefulla irukum😍😍😍

  • Abhi Kannan
    Abhi Kannan 11 घंटे पहले

    Hi . If you don't mind , which brand and model is Ur pan ?! Is it iron cast pan ?! Send me the link if you ve . Thankyou

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    Try panni pakalam

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    Super mam pakkum pothe sapdanum pola iruku.

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    Hiii akka 1yr baby ku food chart and weight gain food podunga ka pls

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    Puli konjama sethukitta innum taste ah irrukum

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    Super yummy. Share video on how to maintain cast iron skillet before and after cooking

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    Hi Mam, karunai kilangu fry epadi pananum nu sollunga plsssss

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    Can u pls upload sweet padu receipe

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    Thank you sissy.romba naala intha kulambu vaikanumnu nenachen.correct time la unga video potrukeenga thank u.tmrw I will try and comment u.

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  • Rati G
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    Hi Steffi, love your cooking. ❤️ Are you using a cast iron pan for this dish? The acid in the tomato will react with the iron. Therefore, it is not advisable (per the internet cast iron gurus).

    • kavitha Elangovan
      kavitha Elangovan 14 घंटे पहले

      No rati my mother using cast iron kadai for past 40 yrs and me using for past 15 yrs once seasoned it can be used for long years only thing after wahing we have to apply oil on cast iron vessels and keep so that no metallic taste

    • Rati G
      Rati G दिन पहले

      kavitha, cast iron is iron. Anyway, I checked some more and the more recent consensus is that if your cast iron pan is well-seasoned, then it’s ok to cook tomatoes in it. The seasoning might wear off though and add a metallic taste to the dish.

    • kavitha Elangovan
      kavitha Elangovan दिन पहले

      In iron vessels only we cant use tomatoes in cast iron pans we can use tamarind tomatoes etc

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    Hi Steffy was about to ask about this recipe u have uploaded super. One more thing I know only basics of cooking but I made bread halwa and paneer gravy for my kid birthday party.Thanks a lot for your recipes

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      Form a local shop called Marshalls

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