Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Rain Forest

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  • 21/09/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • This was a lot of fun!
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      ill be honored be kicked by mrbeast

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      Love you Beast keep up the good work your doing, helping and making aware of things in life !! You and your team Rock !! Love you guys !! God bless you all !!

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      MrBeast why

  • TheWinterBeez
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    So you put a fire in rainforest? Nice timing

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    come to canada

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    Deforestation alert

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    how about 24hours planting a tree in the amazon

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    I will planet trees

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    Do any of you know anything about dirtbikes

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    what if i am a small IN-plusr XD

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    I sulute to you mr Beast rain forist is one ofe tha hardest places to survive and bugs,poisin dart frogs,panfers and piranas

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    I won’t to make a difference but I’ve only got 30 subs

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    I am Mr beast and I speak for the trees

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    Do small youtubers count

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    Finally so glad he is starting to think about it😊😊

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    Well i wanted to plant tres but Im in a difirente continete so yea

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    I wish I could join 😭 🤜🤛

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    But you had first aid

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    i am, and will only ever be a jake pauler. because mr beast says so

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    We are a tiny channel but we are in!

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    Man Vs Wild

  • Rihards Maybe??
    Rihards Maybe?? 3 घंटे पहले

    Aaaaand you meet canibals on hour 6.
    (Also i imagined the rainforest to be a bit more impressive)

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    Is called

  • 10000 subs without one video !!!!
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    2020-We spend 24 hours in a moving hurricane

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    That's no rainforest lol?

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    I'll help ya beast

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    I thought you were arrested

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    MrBeast, next time spend 24 hours on a tropical rainforest island

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    Chandler always is first to get hurt then chris

  • Red Tech
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    Do a survival challenge where you have nothing but clothes coz youtube

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    See the trash on the left at the end

  • 10,000 Subcribers With No Videos Challange
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    You should do living in Area 51 for 24 hours lmao

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    I'm a small IN-plusr, but I'd love to help you guys with whatever you have planned!

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    Did you visit area 51 on friday again?

  • SpottyHickory 63
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    Poisonous: you bite it, you get sick
    Venomous: it bites you, you get sick
    Just felt i needed to clarify

  • Morgzes Grandma
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    Keep up the good work I love your videos and are inspiring a whole century of memers

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    I wish if there is even a single naga player in national team today

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    Dont worry you cant die by getting poisond

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    Petition for Mr Beast to make merch for dogs

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    Rainforest is very dangerous Think that there is a ebola virus Somewhere

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    24 hours in the space

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    12:29 theres plastic bottles on the left corner

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    2:always eat all food
    3: always pee and poop

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    I am the Clorax
    I speak for the bleach

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    How about you spend 24 hours without talking to anyone.

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    Just wanna play minecraft

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    Morgz: * *Heavy Breathing* *

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    First to get a win in Minecraft/fortnite wins 10,000

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    Where’s garret

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    Chandler: where is camp?
    Mrbeast: it’s over there.
    Me: over where? XD

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    I'm down for trees

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    The rainforest doesn’t have poplar trees.

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    I love Chandler he’s so cute

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    I’m a IN-plus a very small one who lives in Britain but

  • YOLK 250000
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    Mr.Beast:We're going to survive in a rainforest for 24 hours.
    Pizza delivery guy:Oh HEck no!

  • Prolivion
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    1:21 why did i think that was a bear behind them

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    I don't have a Minecraft account 🤔🤔so should I subscribe you???

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    I'm a small youtuber I'll do something stupid.

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    Bro stop trying to kill your boys

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    Im down to plant trees

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    I will help plant trees Jimmy I am a IN-plus as well

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    Save the 🌎 it's die ing

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    Do a last to leave the popcorn

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    So...... me and The bois

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    I would love to help plant trees
    Please tell me when and where

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    i sent you something on Instagram, I hope you see it. I WILL HELP YOU PLANT BABY TREES!!!

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    K k

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    Chandler is my thicc skinny daddy

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    I’m a small youtuber with 2 subs can I help do I count

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    Watch how chandler is going to win the next challenge

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    Area51 you didnt go.........

  • Supreme254
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    There literally right off the trail probably a 2min walk from a vehicle. The river scene you can see the walking bridge behind them. LAME!!

  • daddy vsuccs
    daddy vsuccs 3 घंटे पहले

    Why wasn't it on fire (the rainforest)

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    Me and the boys playing Minecraft IRL

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    Theres a bridge in the background at the water scene

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    I'm a IN-plusrs I'll help

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    Chandler got bit by the “cute“ worm😂

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    5:29 that’s a keeper Chris

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    I will kick you

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    imagine if someone defecated in that water

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    I feel for chandler

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    Chandler gets hurt but never losers.
    *The real survivor*

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    12:07 mr beast scratching his pee pee poo poo

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    I’m a IN-plusr

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    You Got 1st on trending Mr Beast From Indonesia

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    The person who plants the most trees wins

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    Rip chandler 😢

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    Can you do last to leave tornado simulator wins

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    Why don’t you make last to leave popcorn pool wins 20k

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    Dude did u raid area 51

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    surviving 24 hours straight in area 51 pls

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    24 hours in Gym

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    I did this. I got bitten by a centipede