NAND (ननद) vs BHABHI (भाभी) - Every DESI FAMILY Ever ... | #Fun #Sketch #RolePlay #ShrutiArjunAnand

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  • 13/08/2019 को प्रकाशित
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    Here we’re back with another fun Sketch and this time its “Nand vs Bhabhi” which is all about that sour and sweet relation of Nand and Bhabhi. Do COMMENT which was your favourite and relatable sequence.
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    Written By: Shruti Anand
    Directed By: Vikram Choudhary
    DOP: Vikram Chaudhary
    Edited By: Shubham Raj Verma
    Actors: Shruti Anand, Priya Gupta, Danish Khan
    Special Thanks to Desi Dhamal Edition Remix
    ~ XoXo
    ~ Shruti
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