( TCS Share Price Target )

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  • 18/05/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Experience is the best teacher.

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टिप्पणियाँ • 35

  • ansaram bade
    ansaram bade 9 दिन पहले

    Petronet lng pe video banate . Plz.

  • Chetanji retired tally accountant
    Chetanji retired tally accountant 17 दिन पहले +1

    Thanks sir ji. Very good information. Regards. Can I. Buy now in October 2019. At current price

  • PJayantibhai Patel
    PJayantibhai Patel 24 दिन पहले +2

    Very useful video
    Nice video
    Useful information
    Thanks sir
    Jay swaminarayan
    Jkpatel USA

  • subrat Acharya
    subrat Acharya महीने पहले

    Tcs best

  • ajay singh
    ajay singh 2 महीने पहले


  • Kishin Thakur
    Kishin Thakur 3 महीने पहले +1

    Sir I have two hundred shars of tcs since one year cost 2040/-i want to know when I can sell?

    • Savvy Share Academy
      Savvy Share Academy  3 महीने पहले +1

      Please don't sell it. It is one of the best share for long term investment. It pays good dividend.

  • Liju Thomas
    Liju Thomas 3 महीने पहले

    Please do a video on biocon

  • Youtube Friend
    Youtube Friend 4 महीने पहले

    Point to be noted.

  • Raju Gaud
    Raju Gaud 4 महीने पहले

    Nicely explained big brother. Kindly uploaded abt growing company in coming years for long investment.

  • ramkishor gupta
    ramkishor gupta 4 महीने पहले

    एल&टी फाइनेंस के बारे में और ITC और HDFC LIFE एवं SBI LIFE के बारे में वीडियो बनाइये सर जी।

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar 4 महीने पहले

    Hi.. Could you please add English subtitles if possible please...so that it will tech to larger audience

  • Suvendu Paul
    Suvendu Paul 4 महीने पहले +1

    Thanks I follow the same strategy :-)

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 4 महीने पहले +2

    Serious personality serious analysis
    I appriciate

  • Shivprakash Dube
    Shivprakash Dube 4 महीने पहले

    Thanks sir

    • Shivprakash Dube
      Shivprakash Dube 4 महीने पहले

      Sir aap ka baat karne ka tarika bahut hi achha hai..

  • saritha bs
    saritha bs 4 महीने पहले +1

    Sir Rajesh Exports video

  • Sudhir Kawar
    Sudhir Kawar 4 महीने पहले +1

    Very nice sir. Advice me about Infosys please sir.

    • Sudhir Kawar
      Sudhir Kawar 4 महीने पहले

      Thank you very much for your quick reply sir

    • Savvy Share Academy
      Savvy Share Academy  4 महीने पहले

      I will make video on Infosys after 5th June. So you will come to know everything.

  • Raj SK
    Raj SK 4 महीने पहले +2

    sir RBL bank k upar vdo kare

  • Vijay Shivgan
    Vijay Shivgan 5 महीने पहले +1

    Sir Asian Paint video

  • Rohit Chauhan
    Rohit Chauhan 5 महीने पहले +1

    Sir your what’s app number...

  • Anil Pardeshi
    Anil Pardeshi 5 महीने पहले +1

    Pl share your company name. And your mobile no. Appreciate your analysis of stocks.

  • shabbir khasamwala
    shabbir khasamwala 5 महीने पहले +1

    Very nice and interesting video

  • surya konda suresh Naidu
    surya konda suresh Naidu 5 महीने पहले

    Video Clarity Ladu

    BRAHMIN SEVA 5 महीने पहले +1

    Which are the best stocks below RS 100

    • Savvy Share Academy
      Savvy Share Academy  4 महीने पहले

      @Julian Jose
      I have already made the video on the difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysis in a very simple language . It was done a year ago.
      You can check it .
      I have made 70 videos on different topics. Initially videos were made in chapter form for beginners in the market. You can watch them

    • Julian Jose
      Julian Jose 4 महीने पहले +1

      @Savvy Share Academy What is fundamental analysis, can you show a simple video on that,which can understood by common people. All the best.

    • Savvy Share Academy
      Savvy Share Academy  5 महीने पहले +2

      Don't go for price.
      Make proper fundamental analysis and the management of the company.
      Then you plan to invest money.