Maa (माँ) Beti (बेटी) | THEN vs NOW || #Desi #Mom #Sketch #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

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  • 21/08/2018 को प्रकाशित
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    Maa aur Beti Ka Jo Rishta Hai woh Ek Maa yaa fir Ek Beti Hi Samajh Sakti Hai. Samay Ke Saath bahut kuch badalta hai but Maa Ka Pyaar Kabhi Nahi Badalta ....
    Thoda Khatta, Thoda Meetha but Sabse Anmol Hai Yeh Rishta!
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    Thoda Khatta, Thoda Meetha but Sabse Anmol Hai Yeh Rishta!
    Samay Ke Saath bahut kuch badalta hai but Maa Ka Pyaar Kabhi Nahi Badalta ....
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    Next day😊.
    To kehti hai anishka ka maa to na papa sa baat nahi ki lehnga ka baara ma na baat ki hai to Wo kehti hai ma na baat ki hai to tumhara papa keh rahy hain ka ab paisy nahi hai lehnga ka Lia..
    To anishka kehti hai ka maa ab Mai Kia karoon to maa kitni achi hai maa kehti hai ka Mai apni saari sa Bana Doon gi to Wo kehti ka maa tumhara pass teen hi to saari hai do ghar pehny ka Lia or aik aany jaany ka to maa kehti to parashan na ho hai mere pass aik saari us se Bana Doon gi to dakheen maa kitni achi apna bacon 👭 ka Lia apni jaan tak qurban Kar dati hai....
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