Teeli | Summer Love | Episode 1 | Opposites Attract | Web Series

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  • 4/06/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • Nida and Sami are poles apart. Their worlds collide at an internship, where they initially rub each other the wrong way, but soon find themselves warming up to the other person.
    Director : Mohammad Murtaza Alizai
    Writer : Basit Naqvi
    D.o.P : Farhan Silver
    Post Production: Affan Khan
    Editors: Affan Khan, Shahrukh, Shiraz Mehboob
    Associate Director: Ziad Azad
    Assistant Director: Ubaid Temuri, Tariq Masud and Syeda Maryam
    Art Directors: Muhammad Abbas, Sehrish Khan
    Asst. Art Director : Jimmy, Salman
    Production Head: Shahrukh Tasneem
    Producer : Umair Wakeel
    Hadi bin Arshad
    Vardah Aziz
    Babar Jaffri
    Amtul Baweja
    Hair and Makeup: Zubair and Safdar
    Sound Recordist: Obaid
    Animators: Zia Tabarak, Furqan, Ahsan, Rameez, Owais & Tehseen
    Photoshoot: Tahir
    Creative Assets:
    Farooq Shaukat
    Social Media Lead: Namrah Sikander
    Sales Head: Sajid Korai
    Agency: Group M ESP and Mindshare
    Song credit: in-plus.biz/chWiafQ2Ml-sG-lGIKDcHAjQ.htmlfeatured
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    sorry thanks thanks sorry best video

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    Pakistan ki maa ka bhosda

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    Wonderful Yaar!! songs or bina urdu ke lag raha tha Indian hai

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    Please tell the name of track played at 8:50

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  • Tahreen Fatima
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    Owowow already am loving this web series also how handsome hadi bin arshad is 🔥🔥🔥

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    Please upload 6th episode yar
    Even if it would be of 5 min doesnt matter but upload it daily😊

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    WOW PAKISTANI web series's....great job love this 🙂🙂😍😍🤩🤩

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    Teamwork makes the dream work..... Army

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    Wah ki baath hai ji.
    Bohot maja aya
    Love from Bangladesh

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    why they look like JEWssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Usman Munir
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    Yar I really had HIGH Hopes from you guys... k atleast you people can come up with something new/fresh idea... but the first big budget production you come out with is THIS ??? i mean seriously yar, cant we ever find ANYTHING else than LARKA / LARKI , PYAR MOHABBAT ??? WILL THEY WONT THEY ??? PLEASE ITS 2019 and still everytime i turn on the TV channel its always a pyar mohabbat, dukhi break up wala drama on AIR, Being the flag-bearers of Digital Content Web Series in Pakistan PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE COME UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL...

    And i know i know you have to show cornetto in every shot because they are paying for this show but PLEASE do it in some better way, instead of just forcing in our faces....

  • Nitin Aggarwal
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    Which song is it at end? please

  • Jai Nangre
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    What is the name of the track played in the end? Please tell!

    PRIYA SURYAWANSHI 2 दिन पहले

    Ese lg RHA hai jese is episode ko Pakistan walo SE bhi jyada india walo me dekha hai

  • Abhishek Singh
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    There were 20% Hindus in Pakistan when it got independence in 1947. And you won't find a single one any where. Humanity gayi tel lene.

    • AbrarcadabrA
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      Abhishek Singh yar 20-30% to east Pakistan mai the, wo seperate ho gia to baaki kuch hi reh gaye Pakistan mai, haan Pakistan ne ziadati karri hai waise hindu ke sath.

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    Nyc love from #india

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    Love your contents.
    Keep creating and keep growing.
    Love from India.

  • Gowri R
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    His expression at 8:52💜💜❤💖💙💜🧡💙💛💗

  • shaheer ahmad
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    Finally got the Quality I wanted From pakistani IN-plusrs

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    Its very nice...osm

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    50 rupay kaat overacting ka😂

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    Superb work guys. Keep it up

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    I watched the recent episode and den came back to start da whole series.....hayyyyeeee am lovinnnn itttt

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    haramkhor launda mujhe kisi ka yaad dila di

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    Ye sab moh Maya hai vats !!!!

  • savneet kaur
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    Name of the song in end?

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    Good job done. Keep the good work on

  • V JD
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    7:35 how in the hell did she got network in a lift . ..dad ne kya network sath me bheja tha kya

  • Abhishek  Kumar
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    Plz someone tell me the song name

  • Kirti Pandey
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    Not so smart product placement. Walls Cornetto. Could have done branded content promotion in a little more professional manner.

  • Abhishek  Kumar
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    Koi plz gaane ka naam btao

  • Rohit Kashyap
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    Ofcourse i also realised that this is indian IN-plus channel but when i see teelipk than i read Description that time i was shocked that "Chalo kam se kam kahin or dhyaaan to diya inhone " Guys keep it up nice story...... But ek or baat poochni thhi pakistan m itni azaadi hai ladkiyon ko😂😂😂😂😂😂😂344

    • Rohit Kashyap
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      Chalo accha hai bhai jaan😘

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    Please make funnyvideos

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    College/office love story main ladke ko ladki se jyada goodlooking hona chahiye jo iss series main hai. Iss series main bhi ladki average looking hai aur ladka above average.

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  • BTS is my oxyJIn
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    We need more content like this in Pakistan, Its refreshing to watch something beside all the crying, sad dramas .... !!

  • ArYan ch
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    this is indian ri8 ??

  • AbHI
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    Can someone please gimme the link of that punjabi song?

    • Zulfiqar Zulfiqar
      Zulfiqar Zulfiqar 5 दिन पहले +1

      Dil krda ha Cornetto song likkh kr search kro

  • Naresh Kumar
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    Great attempt!

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    Ladki Ko makeup bhi khubsurat nahi Bana saka....

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  • Anjali yadav
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    I was gonna ask y no single non Muslim crew then I read comments nd got to know its a Pakistani channel...loved it❤

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    Pure video me last dialogue scene is d most epic... history vala... bcoz this is d ultimate truth at d end...

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    great initiative. kudos. kfi indian web series dekhne k bad apna content kfi different lg rha. a few suggestions k shuru me dono ki chemistry develop krwane se zada individually personality definition pe focus krna chye tha. and dnt know hw many epis we have lkin inki chemistry thri late develop hti to bhtr lgta. like in 2nd or 3rd epi. last but not the least this trend of larka vs larki is getting mainstream. to bht acha lge ga if we focus on other romantic aspects as well as realities of our mileu.

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  • mitte adhi
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    KHEMRAJ BHAIRAV 10 दिन पहले +1

    Pakistani terrorists chanal h
    Dislikes kro
    Pakistan tere tukde honge insaan aalh insha aalh pakistan ki maa ka bosda
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  • Shubham Kumar
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    Song name at 1:05?

    • Shubham Kumar
      Shubham Kumar 8 दिन पहले

      @Aqsa Arshad how to download?

    • Aqsa Arshad
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      Dil Karda aye by Ali sethi

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      @Zulfiqar Zulfiqar thank you so much budy.... The song is awesome 👌

    • The Bong Girl
      The Bong Girl 10 दिन पहले

      @Zulfiqar Zulfiqar thank you so much budy.... The song is awesome 👌

    • Zulfiqar Zulfiqar
      Zulfiqar Zulfiqar 10 दिन पहले

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    " Team work makes the dream work " BTS ahan ?

      LETHAL STARC 4 दिन पहले

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    Height se lekar .sab kuch

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    • pallavi dhabekar
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      @M.A Turab Thank you

    • M.A Turab
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      Agar Tum mil Jao by Ali sethi

    • M.A Turab
      M.A Turab 10 दिन पहले +1

      Dil karda aey ( Ali sethi)

    LETHAL STARC 12 दिन पहले +74

    Is it a Pakistani channel 🤔? What ? No way!!!!! 😲
    Ps. The boy do look like a typical pakistani muslim and damn he's beautiful and handsome 😗😍

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    • Necro Fell
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      LETHAL STARC you don’t have to stereotypically generalise every guy you see

      LETHAL STARC 4 दिन पहले

      @Necro Fell most muslim good looking guys are Pakistani... beauty lies there ... you don't have to criticize every comment you see

      LETHAL STARC 4 दिन पहले +1

      @Mr. McHeady meri wajah se nhi khud ki shakal ki wajaha se

    • Necro Fell
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      Kesa bakchodi hae.

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