TVF Couples | Temporary Roommates

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  • 21/05/2019 को प्रकाशित
  • The idea of couples living-in together is still a taboo in the country. So much that even when the girl, Savi, is ready, our Vicky develops cold feet. While he says that he fears society, there’s much more that he is insecure about. Will Savi be able to convince him to move in with her? Watch ‘TVF Couples | Temporary Roommates’ to find out!
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    Creative Director: Anandeshwar Dwivedi
    Channel Producer: Shreyansh Pandey
    Written by: Suprith Kundar
    Directed by: Sangram Naiksatam
    DOP: Shreedutta Namjoshi
    Edited by: Arunava Chaudhari
    Production Design: Sara Yadav
    Associate Creative Producer: Olivier Thomas
    Supervising Producer: Shivani Sinha
    Line Producer: Uteja Sharma
    Chief Assistant Director: Yash Purohit
    Costume Stylist: Reena Harpalani
    Assistant Directors: Niladri Shankar Roy, Rhea Menon
    Assistant Costume Stylist: Prachi Nikhra
    Color Graded By: Arunava Chaudhari
    Graphics: Ankit Bairagee, Anshuman Singh, Madhuri Rathi
    Assitant DOP: Aditya Shubham
    Post Production Supervisor: Garvit Janshali
    Sync Sound: Amosana Thokchom
    Production Manager: Niharika Rathod
    Production Executive: Santosh Lokhande
    Head of Production: Arun Kumar
    Head of Brand Partnerships: Vijay Koshy
    Head of Brand Solutions: Vyom Charaya
    Head of Account Management: Gauri Joshi
    Brand Sales and Solutions Team: Ankit Arora, Nigah, Shubham Verma
    Brand Manager: Ankit Raj Bachchan
    Thumbnails and Marketing Creatives: Dhananjay Nachar
    Head Of Release: Sean Pereira
    Finance: Manish Saini, Nikita Joshi, Rupesh Bhosale
    Legal: Megha Gupta
    Office Admin: Avadhraj Yadav
    Location: TVF Campus
    Cast: Shivankit Parihar, Srishti Shrivastav, Yash Purohit, Durin Das, Anant Singh, Satish Ray, Niladri Roy, Sarah Yadav

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    Name of male actor?

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    I didn't like that placement of housing.. i think it kinda ruins 😭

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    I got turned on when she said cuddle karke solete h.
    *Story of a Single*

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    what a shit concept they are promoting so easily..imagine that your daughters and sisters insist on living with boys...
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    Only for shrishty . I m watching this video.😊

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    BC 28000rs rent tha how can he pay

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    The girl in the video is female version of Aaron Finch

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    We welcome you

  • An indian
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    Aao भाई Rajasthan

    SURAJ JAISWAL 24 दिन पहले

    what is live in relation??
    "na shadi, na sagai, bus chudai pe chudai"

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    Why does she look like hijda?

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    Bsdk, West ko ape karne ke chakkar mein BC ... G v marwana chalu kar denge yeh... They have no idea, how west suffering due to failures of family structures.

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    Tvf never disappoints
    Finally I got to see a girl by Shivankit's side
    And These two are one of my fav people on tvf
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