8 Zombie Survival Hacks And Pranks / What If Your BFF Is A Zombie

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  • 7/08/2019 को प्रकाशित
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    Your friend turned into a zombie? What can I say, it happens! And mind you - this is not a reason to stop spending time together! But then what to do? You'll find the answer in our new video!
    Supplies and tools
    • Flip flops
    • Scissors
    • Superglue
    • Shoes
    • Hat
    • Acrylic paint
    • Paper
    • Markers
    • Clear tape
    • Self-adhesive foam sheet
    • Badge pin
    • Clear phone case
    • Hot glue gun
    • Parchment paper
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Cotton pad
    • Sponge
    • T-shirt
    • Stencil
    • Board
    • Masking tape
    • Jewelry spikes
    • Needle and thread
    • Felt
    • Wide ribbon
    • Velcro
    • Pre-made yeast dough
    • Berry jam
    • Chopped meat
    • Fabric face mask
    • Acrylic paints
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  • Dev V R
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    Do you have any other episodes of the same video because it is a good video I like that one

  • Vikali Swu
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    Are zombies real?

  • Vikali Swu
    Vikali Swu 5 घंटे पहले +1

    Is this really?

  • MJ Geaga
    MJ Geaga 6 घंटे पहले

    When the zombie get in i was scared

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    What about the old story??😫😭😭

  • Shanen Vlogs
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    Is she actually eating worms because those worms 🐛 are moving

  • Mitch The Maker
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    V. V. V. V v. Vv. Vv

  • Haripriya Kannan
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    Please put more zombie video

  • Anonymous guy U don’t know me
    Anonymous guy U don’t know me 20 घंटे पहले

    Zombies are persistent, but they are also kind of stupid

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  • Best Videos Ever
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  • Khert Jumawan
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    zombie is real but where

  • Catelyn Armada
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    I don't like here friend of zombie

  • mya zara
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    More zombie diy pleaseee🙌🙌

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    Que legal

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    Me parece bien poro es de verda

  • Seoulsh aTeezing y'all
    Seoulsh aTeezing y'all 2 दिन पहले

    *the thing is..that Clementina remembers me of The Walking Dead the character Clementine, the sweet girl who losts the beloved adults and became a hero. ;w;*

  • Raziel Valencia
    Raziel Valencia 2 दिन पहले

    Can you make troom troom a what if your bff is barbie with person

  • Shirley Anthony
    Shirley Anthony 2 दिन पहले

    Its very funny when Ben puts spike in the shirt

  • زهراء اثير
    زهراء اثير 2 दिन पहले

    ههه لني عراقية

  • avelin mendez
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    I like your viedo.😍🎉😘😘😙😚👌👌

    • avelin mendez
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      By... Eva. 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐅🐩🐩🐩🐩🦍🦍😂

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      Do you like 🍉 or 🌶

  • Pinki Kumari
    Pinki Kumari 2 दिन पहले

    Make more zombie videos

  • ウィーンV
    ウィーンV 2 दिन पहले

    Wait Wha- ITS A HAT! 😂 zombies can smell Prey- OOR

  • Mukhtar Nasim
    Mukhtar Nasim 2 दिन पहले +2

    How come this zombie I'd friendly and the zombies in the zombie acoplays vedioes are mean

  • Taniya Gounder
    Taniya Gounder 2 दिन पहले +1

    East or west troom troom is the best bigggggeeeessssttttt fannnnn😉😉😉👌👌👌👌💟💟💟💞💞💞💗💗💗❤❤❤💜💜

  • larizza Bazile
    larizza Bazile 2 दिन पहले +5

    In the beginning I saw the girl EATING WORMS🤢

  • Annie Jin
    Annie Jin 2 दिन पहले

    Did you eat the worms and dirt for real???

  • Jnskxkjdnx Sjskskjj
    Jnskxkjdnx Sjskskjj 2 दिन पहले

    امثلة الدور

  • Mistyinifer Mistybell
    Mistyinifer Mistybell 3 दिन पहले

    These are not survival hacks, If they were ben would kill "the zombie"

  • Maleah Hill
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  • Babi Oiha
    Babi Oiha 3 दिन पहले

    wow how did make your eyes. zombie. amazing eyes. like real zombie.😱👹

  • Brittney Austin
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  • Derick Omg
    Derick Omg 3 दिन पहले +11

    7:40 pause your vid I was like 😳

  • Manuela Haffner
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  • Tabatha Washington
    Tabatha Washington 3 दिन पहले

    I love this and thought about making your own line

  • The pet Niffler
    The pet Niffler 3 दिन पहले +3

    Troom troom:what if your friend was a zombie
    Me:let them bite me to be a zombie as well

    • Arine bird
      Arine bird 2 दिन पहले

      The pet Niffler mood:-D

  • Nur Hana
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    Is she real?!?!?!😱😱😱

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    Please do more

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    troom troom I love this

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    These zombies are also kinda dumb

    Of corse they are they have no brain duh

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    vous êtes de Garoua😦😧😟😛😲😦😥😒

  • I love kpop Yya
    I love kpop Yya 4 दिन पहले +1

    My bff *is zombie*
    Me *reverse card*
    My bff *runs away *
    Me running after them U STILL OWE ME CHICKEN NUGGETS BOII

  • Aidan Bressi
    Aidan Bressi 4 दिन पहले +1

    This vid is very annoying.

  • kcc kgg
    kcc kgg 4 दिन पहले +6

    Plz do some of the zombie survival hacks plz

  • Keona Palma
    Keona Palma 4 दिन पहले

    Dv FM vz

  • Khairuddin sharafi
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    This is kind of scary and cool

  • Khairuddin sharafi
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    I’m a girl

  • Khairuddin sharafi
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    7 melt I can be your friend

  • Pen G
    Pen G 4 दिन पहले +10

    If my friend portend ed to be a zombie as a prank I might stab them in the head and pack up everything and think the zombie apologize is real.

    Zombie force field, so I can just go walk around as if zombies aren't around? I understand this is supposed to be creative but why would you need an anti zombie tshirt?

    And why make a stake? Do you want to be undead.

    • Pen G
      Pen G दिन पहले

      @Quang Quyen what?

    • Quang Quyen
      Quang Quyen दिन पहले

      Pen G .

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    Are you guys friends

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    lame stuffs.....

  • Luna Midnight uwu
    Luna Midnight uwu 5 दिन पहले +11

    Me: oh no my bff is a zombie!
    Bff: **growls**
    Me: Ok **hugs**
    Bff: **bites me**
    God: Why were you so dumb down earth??

  • Reserve 1 Celestech Marketing
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    Your a monster

  • Dhfdf Cffgf
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    Cute Zombie

  • Fairos 009
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    10:25 look zombie anywhere Walked!!!

  • LunaxSelene Gacha
    LunaxSelene Gacha 5 दिन पहले +1

    I like the meat on the belt idea so you can throw the belt, fall out of the tree, and have the zombies eat you! Great idea troom troom! :D

  • Shanthi Menaka
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    Anti Zombie

  • mariangelica osorio
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    Deverian poner en español

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  • braidsnatchedx
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    they forced the voice actor to the max look at their older videos man how much are they paying her

  • Summer
    Summer 5 दिन पहले +25

    My eyes have rolled a lot of times while watching this vid

    BALQEES BATOOL 6 दिन पहले

    In the beginning a BTS ad came I couldn't skip it

    Like if army

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    The zombie like them

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    Its just me that she sounds like dora the explorer

    • rachaelblair86
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      She does!! I never noticed that!

  • Alicia Isla
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    Pueden hacer un pequeño deseo porque este vídeo está viralizado en otro idioma y yo soy Argentina hablo español por favor pueden hacer los español

  • Just Call Me Smol
    Just Call Me Smol 6 दिन पहले +1

    Does that mean Ben and Clemintime will meet Jane and *her* friend? If so, then I'd like to see it.

  • iiigachaheh Hehe
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  • Komen Saya
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    If you can't beat one, be one

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    😂😂😂😂 funny zombies

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    Is she is a real zombies??????😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  • Fellows ly
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    How she remember she. She was a human but have no brain🤔

  • EasLIT
    EasLIT 7 दिन पहले

    Wtf am i watching

  • marie alba
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    You have a zombie bff😣😣😣

  • Danti Ajha
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  • Danti Ajha
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    eww worm

  • NicolePlayz 12
    NicolePlayz 12 7 दिन पहले

    If my bff is a zombie i will kill him!!!!!! >_

  • Luvxmira
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    Troom troom can get u killed out here 😂😂😂(

  • Holo Clan
    Holo Clan 7 दिन पहले

    4:14 get a black case

  • Marnie Mish
    Marnie Mish 7 दिन पहले

    I mean best

  • Marnie Mish
    Marnie Mish 7 दिन पहले

    I liked the fanny pack the beat

  • Marnie Mish
    Marnie Mish 7 दिन पहले +2

    I love crafts and zombies I said zombies r cute when I was little and I liked the vid

  • Glory Jane Alferez
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  • Bailey Harris
    Bailey Harris 7 दिन पहले

    So ShE StIll Has A bRain But IS a ZomBie....she was just bittin ....not eaten..oKay

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    I love you troomtroom

  • Lun. Glow
    Lun. Glow 7 दिन पहले +1

    Ok I am just going to say it straight up. If there was a zombie apocalypse I am pretty sure they ain’t going to ask for a stupid phone case they will eat you straight up. If there where a zombie apocalypses YOU WOULD HAVE NO TIME TO DO THESE DIYS you would be to busy like I don’t know trying to stay alive. I think if there was a zombie apocalypse all the people who made up these diys would die first FACT.

  • hang le thi
    hang le thi 7 दिन पहले

    it so very coo