EPIC WHISPER FOOD EATING CHALLENGE | Pizza Eating Competition | Food Challenge

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  • 7/08/2019 को प्रकाशित
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    Hello friends..! In this video me and my brother are going to do Whisper Food Eating Challenge. In our upcoming vlogs we are gonna do lots of different food challenges and it will be the real fun to watch. So, stay connected to watch awesome food eating challenges and many more. If you like this Pizza Challenge then hit that Like button and do share this video and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.
    EPIC WHISPER FOOD EATING CHALLENGE | Pizza Eating Challenge | Samosa Challenge | Pav Bhaji Challenge | Burger Challenge | Food Eating Competition | Food Challenge | Food Challenge India
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      Oh bhai bare slow worker ho aap log video aa hi ni rahi 10days hogaye hain

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    love from bangalore

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    Bhai ek challenge dena chahata to
    I want to give one challenge to you brothers
    You have to eat PARLE-G 5Rs packet in 80 seconds without taking anything else not water and nothing else

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    Hi guys I love your videos
    It is so fun
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    Plz do a vdo on korean spicy noodle challenge.... Speed eating challenge jaise pehle karte the... Ye adha adha wala nae.... Plz

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    Aise hi bnate rha Karo video.
    Lot of love 😍 from Pakistan

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