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  • 13/02/2020 को प्रकाशित
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    Our new video “HARAMI CAB DRIVER” is finally out

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    aur Agar GF ke sath ho toh KAR LO BAAD ME YAAD SE DEKHNA

    Credits: (mat padho, kadva sach likha hai)


    Ashish Chanchlani
    Akash Dodeja
    Simran Dhanwani
    And Meri Car

    Directed by : Thoda By Ashish Chanchlani, Thoda By Kunal Chhabhria, Thoda By Akash Dodeja

    Written by: SOCHA TOH KUNAL NE THA, LIKHA INHONE - Ashish Chanchlani, Akash Dodeja, Anmol Sachar, Jashan Sirwani, Kunal Chhabhria, Anmol Bhi Tha Video Call Pe, Just yaad aaya Jashan bhi tha

    DOP: 350/- Ka stand tha (PRODUCTION VALUE 100000)

    Sound: Jashan Sirwani Neeche bethke kiya (SORRY IF YOU CAN SEE HIM) And iPhone

    Creative Director: Car Mein JAgah Nahii Thi

    Editor: Tani karne wala tha par Kunal Chhabhria ne kar liya

    Kaam Chor : Grishim And Tani (shoot pe nahi aaye aur office me masti kar rahe the)

    Makeup : Sirf Simran ne kiya tha voh bhi khud ka

    Marketing & Promotions: Ankit Madaan, Ashish Chanchlani

    Production Manager: Jashan Sirwani (dmart se 20 duracell laya aur gum kar di)

    Crew: Jashan Sirwani (Apni T-shirt se chalti hui car ke tyre saaf kiye)

    (kyuki humara bhai claim nahi marta) LOVE YOU

    DISCLAIMER: Please don't go out of your way to or hate on anyone in our videos, this channel is to entertain people and we usually focus on joking about what the people are doing not the individual themselves, please don't go spreading hate it's all for laughs

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  • Harjyot Kaur Bhatia
    Harjyot Kaur Bhatia 8 दिन पहले +1084

    I just read the description and now I’m ded 🤣
    Oh bhaiiii asli comedy toh description me he 😂
    Love ur team effort and all ur vids bro, they’re littttt 🔥

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    • priya lodhi
      priya lodhi 3 घंटे पहले

      Jarur... 💪 💪

  • Akuu k
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    Puri bakwas hai madarchod hai cab driver chutiya

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  • Neeraj sharma
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    You are comedy king😀😚😄

  • Nitesh Tayal
    Nitesh Tayal 7 घंटे पहले

    U make soo iritating nd childish video

  • Enigmatic Charisma
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    So nice

  • Pratik Shirke
    Pratik Shirke 8 घंटे पहले

    Itna chutiya aur ghatiya video kuch bhi matlab oo bhai
    Maro mujhe Maro....
    Kyun dekh liya maine ye 🤯

  • Usama Naveed
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    Over acting

  • ola ka jhola ola ka jhola
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    So funny

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  • Zainab Anjum
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    Mr Villian 12 घंटे पहले

    Ashish bhai is world's best comedian...

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    1:17 🔥💞🖤

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    Apka new subscriber bhai...
    Super comedy...#sonubhavriya

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    #with call recording
    #Teack-- 🔥 dussera🔥

  • R A Gazi R A Gazi
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  • mohd mustafa siddiqui
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    No it is not like that bhai, time waste by watching this video, 1000 dislikes, it doesn't happen like this to me at all, I suggest u to watch Shehbaaz khan cab driver video,👎

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    Anyone noticed there are more views on this video uploaded last week than "aakhir safar" uploaded 2 weeks ago on Ashish's IN-plus channel..

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    😂😂😂this is exactly what happened when I booked a cab from airport I remember that 😂😂

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  • Sumit Pandya
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